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Yellowcard Album - Paper Walls (CD/DVD)

Yellowcard Album - Paper Walls (CD/DVD) (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: Paper Walls (CD/DVD)
Approx. Price:$24.98 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Customers Rating :
Average (4.2) :(42 votes)
24 votes
10 votes
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Track Listing :
9 Date Line (I Am Gone)
Review - Product Description :
This CD/DVD version has features such as: Making the album/video, 2 Exclusive bonus tracks and an extensive photo gallery.
Review - :
Add Yellowcard to that very short list of spirited pop-punk acts that made the transition from an indie to a major label and got better in the process. The SoCal by way of Florida band's brand of strident, post-emo pop has only improved with each release, even as their sound grew more anthemic and radio-friendly (and reached double platinum status). Their first album since founding guitarist Ben Harper split the group, Paper Walls has been described by the band themselves as a sort of group therapy attempt, an effort to "tear down obstacles and heal old scars" amongst the five members. Unsurprisingly, the lyrics are direct and honest, while they've broadened their sonic palette to allow a tad more dissonance in with their urgent and propulsive pop-punk. The songs "Shadows and Regrets," "Paper Walls" and "Five Become Four" mix thoughtful lyrics with a sped-up, catchy violin in a way that's both "mature" and the ideal soundtrack to your next extreme sports adventure. --Mike McGonigal
13 of 17 people found the following review helpful:
- Their Best Effort to Date

Not quite as poppy as "Ocean Avenue" but more fun than the dreadful follow-up "Lights and Sounds," Yellowcard's latest, "Paper Walls" delivers something for everyone. Witness the aggressive guitar intro to the track "Light Up the Sky" and it is evident that the traces of whiny emo-pop from "Lights and Sounds" are mostly gone. In its place are catchy but fast-paced melodies, riffs (yes, I said RIFFS) and harminies made complete with the occasional violin. This band seems to have remembered where they hid their guitars. Key's vocals are typically excellent, melodic with a little attitude, and most of the melodies are good. Some of the songs don't develop a catchy hook and about a third of the tracks drag a little, but when they are on their game, Yellowcard proves that they are more than just a one-hit wonder with this surprisingly solid release. The lyrics are also good, an added bonus, not to have to hear songs about breakups over and over again. Yellowcard is way more intriguing than Plain White T's, way less self-aware than FOB or My Chemical Romance, and just might score their biggest hit yet with "Paper Walls."

(Coral Springs, FLORIDA USA)
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- Awesome

Really great album mixing the best traits of the last two. It has the fun/funkyness of Ocean Avenue with the deeper and edgier sound of Lights And Sounds. Definitely a recomendation for anyone who's ever liked any of their songs.

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- Great Album

Nothing disappointing here about yet another great yellowcard album. If you like all of their other stuff then this album is for you. I bought this CD two weeks ago and havent stopped listening to it.

(Santos, SP Brazil)
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- The best of oa.

this cd is amazing, yellowcard is back on scene!

excelent job by all band and crew . Besides i though

the content of the dvd poor.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
- Absolutely Fantastic Album!

If you liked the album "Ocean Avenue" you will love "Paper Walls"! From the very first song "Takedown" (featured in Madden 2008 by the way), to the last song "Paper Walls", every track sounds inspired and fleshed out making good use of the talents of each band member. Everything sounds great! The drums, the guitars, the singing and of course the trademark work on the violin.

One of my favorite tracks is "Dear Bobbie" which is about Key's Grandpa and his 58 year marriage to his wife. Ryan wrote great lyrics but hearing his Grandpa read the love letter is especially moving.

The DVD that comes with it includes 2 bonus acoustic tracks and some brief documentaries on the making of the CD. A great addiction to any fans collection.

Fantastic Yellowcard! This is your best album yet! Keep Rocking! And hurry and get back to Utah!

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