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Disco de Wisin y Yandel - Extraterrestres (Dig)

Disco de Wisin y Yandel - Extraterrestres (Dig) (Anverso)
Información del disco :
Título: Extraterrestres (Dig)
Precio aprox.:$16.98 (USD)
Fecha de Publicación:
Tipo:Audio CD
Sello Discográfico:Machete Music
Valoración de Usuarios :
Media (5.0) :(18 votos)
18 votos
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Contenido :
3 Aprovechalo
4 Pidiendo Calor +Video
5 Control
6 Una Noche Mas
7 Dime Quienes Son
8 Las Cosas Camblaron
11 Presion
12 Imaginate
14 Como Tu No Hay Nadie
16 Que Donde Esta El Amor
17 Janqueo
19 Porque Me Tratas Asi?
Análisis - Product Description :
The Reggaton duo are back with 'Los Extraterrestres'featuring the hit single 'Sexy Movimiento'.
(Holbrook, NY USA)
10 personas de un total de 11 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Best Reggaeton album of 2007

It's everything you expected from Wisin y Yandel and more. They pick up were they left off with Pal Mundo but brought it to the next level, stepping up their game. This is one of those cd's you need not skip over any tracks. If you're looking for the best in reggaeton look no further!

(jersey city)
4 personas de un total de 5 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Incredible album, Lyrical Prowess....Truely Extraterrestrial

Can another album do them any more justice as one of the most solid Latin Urban dous? YES....this album goes above and beyond unlike any other Latin Urban/Reggaeton Album. When going into a Wisin & Yandel album, which includes Pal Mundo, Quien Contra Mi, and Sobreviviente your going into an energy fest made for parties. Their style of rap is different because their productions are geared to pumping parties up, unlike Tego or Voltio who are Crafty Dissers, Philosphical, more about life, and past experiences. At the end of this album your going to wish their was more because their lyrics, the production of the tracks...All of it is beyond their previous productions. Considering this album was never hyped up and blown apart Like "Pal Mundo", this album deservedly needs to be blown up on radios everywhere.

The production I have to give some big Kudos to. Wisin & Yandel found the right production values they needed for their lyrics. Most of us Reggaeton heads know a good party needs, good beats. Can you Find it Here? MOST DEFINATELY....The beats need to be hypnotic, to put you in a trance to dance with your partner, and the lyrics flowing with it. I had a hard time truely trying to point out which songs have the hottest production value bcuz' the whole album is just too good. If i had to pick it they would be Tracks 1-5, 7, 9, 12-15, 18. I kno it seems like the whole album but those tracks truely are top notch, and you really have to sit and feel these tracks(or Dance). Truely Hypnotic beats on here. As far as the other tracks I didnt mention....Dont get it twisted in no way am i saying they are not good. Like I said, This album is incredible.

Lyrically, you have to admit these guys are real crafty and ingenious. In a previous review i mentioned, for you to appreciate reggaeton you must listen to the Lyrics to understand the get into that intranced mindset. Lyrically, Im going to mention the tracks that stand out:

1.Intro-Here they are making claim of their dominance in Reggaeton, and Wisin truely murders this like no other. Doesnt mention anyone in specific but just a general stance.

2.Ahora Es-Sure fire party jumpa', Wisin explains a shorty that they met in club in da past. Yandel with a great chorus "Anoche, Anoche sonye contigo, Sonyaba que te besaba y que te acorralabas etc......."(excuse the miss spellings in spanish dont know how to do the accent marks)

3.Pidienco Calor-Oh man Wisin and Yandel start this lyrically with such energy and end it the same way

4.Control-The one who stands out the most is the guest star, "Eve."

5.Una Noche Mas-More of a slower paced reggae, with a Love theme around it. None other then Wisin & Yandel can truely sound crazy on this, STILL.

6.Las Cosas Cambiaron-A track featuring Don Omar. Us reggaeton heads know that Wisin & Yandel + Don Omar=Hot track

7.Sexy Movimiento-Of course the hit single is good.

8.Imaginate-Wisin explains a shorty's great features and Tony Dize just adding on to the already hot chorus by Yandel

9. Te Hice Mujer-Just hear this track and you will definately dig this...Trust me

10.Como Tu No Hay Nadie-Their recent new artist Jayko adds his great voice to an incredible track. Here they say No other woman is like the one they have. Wisin starts perfectly "Hay que ser realista, Mi modelo de revista, Todo un artista, siempre anda lista etc....."

11. Vicio De Ti-"Yo tengo vicio de ti, despierta hace mel deseos, yo tengo vicio de ti, de tu ojos de tu boco de tu cuerpo" You got to here this track

12.Tu Cuerpo Me Llama-This beat is infectious and Yandel's chorus is incredible. Another Fire track to get unda your skin. I thought Wisin was a bit weak on a track like this, but Jadiel "El Leon" truely shines.

13.Porque Me tratas Asi-Very good beat. Here Wisin & Yandel talk about a females that treat them like they were nothing, "Y dia dia luchando para que todo mejore, Si a Fallado algun dia te pido que me perdones etc..."

Ladies and gentleman i highly recommend this album to the Latin Urban/reggaeton heads. A truely good album to Listen to, pump in a car, or pump in a party. Once again I truely hate this 5 star rating system, and on here I give it 5 stars. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 9.4. Why you ask, because so many incredible artist are out their they could have collaborated with to make this album an incredible experience. Jayko and Tony Dize are in their record label and im so used to them showing up. Only three people were featured, Eve, Don Omar, and Franco De Vita....and it added some good effect to the tracks they were in. Some other artists could have brought this album to platinum, double or triple platinum status.

YES i think its that Im pretty sure other tracks would appeal to different ears but there is most definately alot of tracks to catch people. Happy Listening my fellow reggaetoneros

(Hermosillo, México)
1 personas de un total de 1 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- wisin vs yandel: los extraterrestres

Este disco me pareció super bueno y el mejor hasta ahora pues son las tracks nuevas que ellos no habían sacado desde pal mundo. Es un disco que fue muy esperado y ha sorprendido, la verdad lo recomiendo mucho. Canciones movidas, canciones que hablan de problemas sociales y featurings buenísimos: eve, fat joe y franco de vita! Comprenlo =)!

This cd I personally tought was really good and the best cd of W&Y by far, tracks are completely new, since they haven't written since pal mundo disc. Also was really spected and has sorprised many, I recomend it. Songs ideal for perreo, songs about social issues and really awesome featurings with eve, fat joe and franco de vita! Buy it =)!

(Chicago, IL USA)
2 personas de un total de 3 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Great reggaeton album!!!

Wisin y Yandel's Los Extraterrestres is a great reggaeton album. I hesitated to buy this album at first for fear that another edition with videos or extras that I would inevitably want would come out. So, I waited a little while. Then I just couldn't stand it anymore and bought the album. The hit song 'Sexy Movimiento' was playing in the clubs and so was 'Ahora Es'. Both these songs I really like, so after buying the album, I mainly listened to those songs first. Then the other songs grew on me. Now I absolutely love the song 'Control' featuring Eve just as much, maybe even more now. Wisin y Yandel have great male singing voices. They sound wonderful. As for the rest of the album, the songs generally flow well and are enjoyable to listen to. The only song I don't like all that much is the reggae flavored 'Una Noche Mas', but that's because with the exception of a few popular songs, I don't like reggae music all that much. The variety of songs are there, and I envision that other people who like reggae would probably like that song. The album art is also very nice.

- Every Song Has That Bounce

What can I say? W & Y, "Los Extraterrestres," are the kings (aside from THE KING himself, Don Omar) of the Reggaeton movement. Every song on this album is highly energetic and creative in its own way, boasting complex and bouncing beats, smooth vocals from Yandel and that famous, aggressive but sharp flow from Wisin. This is a must-have for any Reggaeton lover, or especially latin dance music collector. Passion, lyrical energy, and musical depth shine on each track.


2) "Ahora Es": 5/5- This song will make ANYONE, Reggaeton lover or not, get up and dance until they "rompe el suelo," that is, break the floor.

3) "Aprovechalo": 5/5- The beat on this song is just incredibly catchy, making you want to listen to it on repeat, and W & Y ride it with poise and energy.

12) "Imaginate": 5/5- Incredibly smooth chorus from Yandel, suspenseful beat drop anticipation, and unmatched enthusiasm from Wisin.

19) "¿Por Que Me Tratas Así?": 5/5- Futuristic, indeed alien-like, and eery sound with great horns. Another melodramatic heart-wrenching love story from Yandel.

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