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Disco de Westlife - Turnaround

Disco de Westlife - Turnaround (Anverso)
Información del disco :
Título: Turnaround
Precio aprox.:$12.98 (USD)
Fecha de Publicación:
Tipo:Audio CD
Sello Discográfico:Sony UK
Valoración de Usuarios :
Media (4.4) :(32 votos)
23 votos
5 votos
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Contenido :
7 Turnaround
8 I Did It For You
10 To Be With You
13 What Do They Know
14 Enhancement-Westlife Fan Conference Footage
Análisis - Product Description :
And Turnaround it is as Boys Become Men and These Boys Took the Effort with this Album to Make their Sound a Lot More Mature to Appeal to an Older Demographic. Doesn't Hurt that They Included Covers of Barry Manilow's "Mandy" and Mr. Big's "to Be with You" and Tackle them Aptly. "Turnaround" is a Solid, Pleasant Surprise!
13 personas de un total de 13 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Their best album yet

With their fifth album, "Turnaround" is by far Westlife's best album. If you're a fan of great pop music, then this is the album for you.

Track One: Mandy - A cover of the Barry Manilow classic, at first I was worried about this song being on the album, however, any worries that I had soon disappeared as soon as I listened to it. Westlife once again take a classic song, and make it their own, without changing it beyond recognition.

Track Two: Hey Whatever - The first single from the album, Hey Whatever is not your typical Westlife track. It's fun and upbeat, and unlike anything on the radio today.

Track Three: Heal - Another great song. Once again, not a ballad, this mid-tempo song shows off the vocal talents of every single 'Lifer and makes you realize why they are so popular.

Track Four: Obvious - My personal favourite on this album. Obvious is what you've come to expect from Westlife, an amazing ballad. However, this ballad is different from others that Westlife have done. It's unique and different, but has an amazing build up throughout the song that you just can't help but feel the emotions sung about in the song.

Track Five: When A Woman Loves A Man - More your typical Westlife ballad, some say that this song should have been on an earlier album. While it is a song you'd expect to hear from Westlife, this ballad once again, has amazing vocals, as well as amazing music, and the two together make it an amazing song.

Track Six: On My Shoulder - This song is another ballad, however, like many of the ballads on the album it is unlike any ballad you've heard before. With a more earnest sound to it, this song is bound to be one of your favourites.

Track Seven: Turnaround - The title track of the album is once again not something that you'd expect from Westlife. This upbeat track is a great addition to the album, showing just how much the group has changed since their very first album.

Track Eight: I Did It For You - Written by Diane Warren, this is an amazing ballad. Like many of her other songs, this one portrays the emotion most written about in songs, love. Westlife take her song and have created an unforgettable ballad, and it ranks up there with the best of Diane Warren's songs.

Track Nine: Thank You - Another mid to up tempo song, this song once again helps show the growth that the group has gone through musically since the release of their first album.

Track Ten: To Be With You - A cover of the Mister Mr. song, once again Westlife show thier ability to make a song their own, without changing it completely. By updating the musical aspect of the song, they make it accessible to a whole new generation.

Track Eleven: Home - My least favourite track on the album, which is saying a lot as I still love it. Home takes your typical pop ballad formula and changes everything about it. Once again showing off the vocal talents of the group, which is the very reason they have sold so many albums, and been around for so long.

Track Twelve: What Do They Know? - A clever shot at the media, this song examines the fact that people always see the bad things, and never the good things. While this song is written about a relationship, it is obvious that it also talks about the media's obsession with saying that the group is splitting up. It's the perfect song for any diehard Westlife fan.

Once again, Turnaround is Westlife's best album to date. With over 32 million albums sold worldwide, 12 UK number one singles, five sold out tours, and the only "boyband" to release five albums and still be going strong, Westlife proves that they are not your typical boyband.

In fact, they are the exception to every rule. Even with the departure of one of their members, they are planning their sixth album with the all new four-peice Westlife to prove once and for all that Westlife are Unbreakable. Add this album to your collection, and you won't be disappointed. And while your at it, check out their others: "Westlife", "Coast To Coast", "World Of Our Own" and "Unbreakable - The Greatest Hits Volume One"

(Minneapolis, MN United States)
2 personas de un total de 2 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Another Excellent Job Boys!

I have been a Westlife fan since the beginning, and after hearing this release....I will be for a very long time.

Análisis de usuario
2 personas de un total de 2 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Westlife- Turnaround

This is one of the ultimate best Westlife CD's. It contains everything that Westlife is good at. It has beautiful ballads and catchy quick songs. It's wonderful to Westlife put out another CD and it's great that Westlife has proved that they are more than the average boy band because in times like now where pop is no longer mainstream, but rather hip hop and R&B are considered more in mainstream, Westlife was able to overcome that and become one of the longest surviving boybands. Cheers to Westlife.

(Toledo, Ohio)
1 personas de un total de 1 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Not as good as the Face to Face or Unbreakable albums.

My favorite songs on this C.D. are Turn Around (a great, upbeat song) and When a Woman Loves a Man (a beautiful ballad). I also like Mandy (I was skeptical of it at first because it's a Barry Manilow song, but it's nicely done and grows on you). I'm starting to like Obvious.

Some songs are in a different style. Hey Whatever sounds something like To Be With You. Not a typical Westlife sound. I think there are other songs in that style, too. I don't like that many songs on this album, so I'd recommend Face to Face or Unbreakable for better Westlife music. They are a really wonderful group and I plan on getting more of their C.D.'s such as Coast to Coast and World of Our Own because I have listened to samples on this web site and they seem promising. A lot of times samples of import C.D.'s are not available on Amazon, but they are available at Barnes & Noble and Borders Books if you go to the C.D. section and put on the headphones. Borders has snippets from their new one, The Love Album. This makes things easier because you do not want to potentially waste money on an import C.D. when you have never heard the music.

1 personas de un total de 1 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Different and BETTER

Who ever thought that the last four Westlife albums could have been improved upon. Well Tha lads of westlife told us that this album was going to be there best yet, and when I furst listened to it I whole heartedly agreed with them. The Ballad Kings, Westlife did not disappoint with their heart felt ballads such as the cover of Barry Manilow's Brandy- "Mandy," "Obvious," "Heal" and "What Do They Know?" The ballads were more heartfelt than ever (due to the then pending wedding of member Shane Filan and the likewise recently hitched Nicky Byrne?).

Newer songs such as "Hey Whatever," "Turnaround," and "Thank You" introduced the listener to a more upbeat/updated sound the lads had not presented us with before. While Westlife is in no danger of ridding themselves totally of their staple ballads, and going it the "Hey Whatever" direction anytime soon, these three newer style songs were a definant step towards slowly altering their sound so they can evolve and change as the public's tastes change as well ...

"Obvious" is most definantly the best song on the whole album, however, and was the second single they released from this album. It was also the last single they released before member Bryan McFadden left Westlife and the spotlight to devote himself to his family and to watch his little children grow.

The maturity of this album, in comparisson to their last four, is astounding. Gone is the bubblegum pop sound, and I even dare say that this world famous pop group is boardering more on adult contemporary now than the teen pop genre where they began. Whatever your opinion, Westlife has proved in "Turnaround" that they are no longer a boyband ... with three of the five happily married, and them all in their mid 20's, they have evolved and are now a bonified, full-fledged vocal group.

If Westlife (now a four sum) continues to put out albums such as this one, of this quality, they will be around for a very very long time. Good at ya lads, and brilliant work.

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