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Disco de Westlife - Swear It Again

Disco de Westlife - Swear It Again (Anverso)
Información del disco :
Título: Swear It Again
Precio aprox.:$3.49 (USD)
Fecha de Publicación:
Tipo:Audio CD
Sello Discográfico:Arista
Valoración de Usuarios :
Media (4.8) :(20 votos)
18 votos
1 votos
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Análisis de usuario
15 personas de un total de 15 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Westlife Hit The Record Books.........Twice

I live in Ireland and have had Swear it again since April 1999. It is an excellent song. However Westlife also have an album which is excellent. Of the five songs released from it they have all entered the charts at number one. This put them in the record books as the first band in the world to go straight to number one with their first five singles and to do this in the shortest time(12 months).

Análisis de usuario
4 personas de un total de 4 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Best Song in the World

This song just rocks my world. My girlfriend and I feel this song was so good that we made it "our song." It makes us think about life and it's reality's and really hits the heart whenever you listen to it.

(Auckland, New Zealand)
2 personas de un total de 2 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Excellent.

Beautiful vocals,and wonderful lyrics. A song that is soft but has an infectious chorus. This is one single that is destined to parallel it's UK position here at number one. I have watched all their released singles reach number one in the UK and own their debut album which contains 17 songs, including Swear it Again. Do not deprive yourself of this album, pop fans, because this one's a diamond! It has found its way into my heart and the hearts of all Westlife's fans world-wide, grab a copy before you miss out! one hot single- you WON'T be disappointed!

Análisis de usuario
4 personas de un total de 5 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Amazing!

This is one of those songs where the lyrics actually have a meaning. The song is beautifully written and performed as well. I have this single and will certainly get the CD when it comes out. I have heard most of the songs that will be on the CD and can say that all of their other songs are as amazing as "Swear It Again".

(US - United States)
1 personas de un total de 1 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Best Song I've Ever Heard. It's Great.

Swear It Again is the Best song I've ever Heard and now my favorite song ever. They are all so cute too. I first heard this song when they sang it on television recently. They seem like nice sweet people. I Love WestLife's music and they're performance of the song. Swear It Again is a song with meaning, a song of real love. It's a very Beautiful Song. I highly recommend it. I listen to Swear It Again all the time now. Better than any other song I've ever heard. Swear It Again is highly inspirational to me. Good Vocals too.

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