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List of UB40 albums

UB40 Album - Present Arms in Dub

UB40 Album - Present Arms in Dub (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: Present Arms in Dub
Approx. Price:$13.98 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Label:Virgin Records Us
Customers Rating :
Average (4.4) :(9 votes)
7 votes
0 votes
1 votes
1 votes
0 votes
Track Listing :
1 Present Arms In Dub
2 Smoke It
3 B-Line
4 Kings Row
5 Return Of Dr. X
6 Walk Out
8 Neon Haze
Review - Product Description :
Import pressing of their 1981 album. Features the song's 'Smoke It', 'Present Arms in Dub', 'One in Ten' and 'Neon Haze'. EMI.
(Bellingham, WA: City of Subdued Excitement)
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- UB40: present arms in dub

hardcore dub fans may have a hard time taking ub40 seriously, with their heavily commercial sound of the past decade or so. however, when they first started making records, they did their share of more roots-oriented reggae, including some fairly high-quality dub experiments. this recording dates from that era (1981). only 8 cuts makes for a short recording by today's standards, but the low price offsets that. the packaging is minimal, but it's a decent recording. ub40 fans who don't know about the earlier era of recordings may like this, but if they're not schooled in dub, may miss the vocals and commercialism initially. i bet it grows on you, though!

(holland, MI)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
- very good stuff

its hard to put my finger in exactly what paid sounds like exactly. its a very enthrawing sound. its between reggae and ska with a lot of musical energy. i also like it a lot because its all in dub so you don't have to worry about the sometimes annoying vocals. very smooth enjoyable music. i could probably recommend this for anybody to enjoy. the return of dr. x in particular is a lot of fun. UB40 is simply a great group and this is one of the best.

- UB40 fans need this one!

Great old school 80's dub reggae! UB40 never let's you down. I wish that there was still more of this style around these days.

- Excellent dub version

Present Arms in Dub wins the dub-worthy mark of distinction: It conveys the essential groove of the original record AND it adds interesting elements of its own. Not too much special effects and echoes but enough to transport the listener. It took guts to release a dub version when they got two hits off the record mainly thanks to Ali Campbell's singing, but this is one of the best dubs around. Signing Off doesn't have a dub version but it does have extended versions of several songs.

(Washington, DC)
0 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
- UB40 bombs in Dublin

Not the best of UB40 quality--overly synthesized and muddy sound from the live performance ruins some of their best political songs. After seeing them live twice, I was definitely disappointed.

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