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Tracy Darrell (Trace) Adkins is an American country music artist, born January 13, 1962, in Springhill, Louisiana. His musical interest came at an early age, when his father taught him to play the guitar. In high school, he joined a gospel music group called the New Commitments. He was also a member of Future Farmers of America (FFA). Later, Adkins went on to study petroleum technology at Louisiana Tech University, where he also played football. After graduation, he took up work at an oil rig. He lost the pinky finger on his left hand in an accident, and asked doctors to reattach the finger at an angle so that he could continue to play guitar.

Trace Adkins Free MIDI Files

Free MIDI file of song «Wayfaring stranger» by Trace Adkins

Duration File size MIDI format General MIDI Karaoke Sequenced by
04:12 56007 1 YES NO
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MIDI Channel Track Name Instruments
1 Bass
(4 %) Fretless Bass
10 Drums
(13 %) Drums
2 St Guitar
(13 %) Steel-String Guitar
3 Banjo
(12 %) Banjo
4 Melody Guitar
(4 %) Nylon-String Guitar
5 Melody harmonica
(4 %) Harmonica
6 Harm
(4 %) Nylon-String Guitar
7 Harm
(4 %) Nylon-String Guitar
8 Harm
(4 %) Nylon-String Guitar
9 Steel Solo
(10 %) Steel-String Guitar
11 Rock Organ
(10 %) Rock Organ
12 Steel
(10 %) Steel-String Guitar
13 Steel
(10 %) Steel-String Guitar

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