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Toni Braxton Album - The Heat

Toni Braxton Album - The Heat (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: The Heat
Approx. Price:$7.99 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Customers Rating :
Average (4.0) :(306 votes)
139 votes
81 votes
45 votes
24 votes
17 votes
Track Listing :
1 He Wasn't Man Enough
6 I'm Still Breathing
11 You've Been Wrong
Review - Product Description :
CD Album
Review - :
After a nearly four-year absence from recording, Toni Braxton returns with The Heat, her third album. Full of drama--sometimes melodrama--it unsurprisingly puts Braxton's rich voice and command of nuance front and center of one state-of-the-art track after another. Unfortunately, The Heat plays up her taste for ballads to such a point that the disc bores itself into a quiet-storm rut. The big exception is the Rodney Jerkins-produced first single, "He Wasn't Man Enough." The song's smoldering rebuff and Jerkins's measured funk make a perfect match for Braxton's matter-of-fact hauteur. She also delivers a tough take on reality with "Just Be a Man About It," which pits her against Dr. Dre in a breakup scenario that carries much more force than weightless trifles such as the filler sex-me-up "The Art of Love" and Diane Warren's "Spanish Guitar." --Bob Roget
(Fort Bragg, Ca.)
31 of 35 people found the following review helpful:
- Haven't stopped playing "The Heat" since I bought it!

As an avid Toni Braxton listener from way back in the day when she first came out, I was doubting that Miss T.B. would be able to top her previous two smashes. What a surprise to buy the CD, listen to it (almost 10 times through now hehe), and find it's her hottest and most blistering album to date!

Each song has its own individuality and special meaning to the listener, but there are a few songs that really stand out. The Diane Warren-penned "Spanish Guitar" and "I'm Still Breathing" showcase Toni's ability to put her gorgeous voice to latin grooves and instruments! The first single from the album, "He Wasn't Man Enough", is an instant club hit with its uptempo one-two punch from Toni to a rival girl who is dating Toni's ex. And finally, my personal favorite song, "Never Just For A Ring", is a must-listen-to. Ballads have always been Toni's shining point in my eyes, but this particular song takes the cake as the best one I've heard. Its hypnotic beat and Toni's voice, dripping with pure emotion, will take your soul places musically that its never been.

New and diehard fans alike can agree that Toni will always be the goddess of the R&B scene, and this entire album proves just that!

(By the way, Toni, I'll always be your FANatic!)

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
- Wish There Were More Stars!

...Toni Braxton does it again.After 4 long awaited years without a solo release, she hits us with an incredible album full of touching ballads and great R&B + hip hop flavoured tracks.I believe Toni's voice is stronger than ever, on the track "The Heat", she delivers an emotional performance on the song, that it deserves to be a number one smash. "He wasn't man enough" produced by the greatest Rodney Jerkins, is a powerful song which transmit a sincere message to all the sisters out there and also is a bouncy R&B FUNK which will appeal to a new generation of Toni Braxton's fans.Diane Warren lends two tracks to the album including "Spanish Guitar" which is prduced by both David Foster.The songs incredible bass line will have you hooked instantly and brings you to the...7ieme ciel.Another Warren track is "I'm still breathing", produced also by David Foster.It is such a terrific ballads which features Toni delivering her most laid back performance since "Breath again" from "Unbreak my heart".This album has something for everybody and Toni proves once again that she is still one of the best in the business, unique and a Diva.I hope from the very deep of my heart, this album will bring her back where she truly belongs...U Go Girl, i luv U....and for those who haven't purchase Toni's latest, go out there and check her up if you're a true fan of hers, i strongly recommand it...

Customer review
11 of 12 people found the following review helpful:
- This is a wonderful cd-beautiful music

I don't know what is wrong with some people! This cd is one of the best compilations of music I've heard in a long time! All the songs are well written, exquisitely produced, and magnificently sung by the lovely and talented Toni. I have no complaints except it may be not enough! I am so impressed by the efforts of Toni as far as producing and even playing instruments-she plays the keyboards on "Speaking In Tongues" and she wrote several songs. A great effort. "The Heat" is the jam-after you listen to this a few times you will just go "whoa" what a jam! I'm loving the beautiful "Spanish Guitar"(Dianne Warren written) reminds me very much of "Unbreak My Heart" but the melody can be described as more dramatic. "I'm Still Breathing"-the seeming like sequel to "Breathe Again" is very nice. And that acoustic guitar of Babyface's on "Fairy Tales" just moves me so much along with Toni's soulful voice-I love that song! Please people this is a wonderful cd. Listen to it objectively, and I guarantee you'll be playing it all day like I do.

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
- The heat of Toni!!!

After the big success of her first album "Toni Brxton" which became 8 times multi-platinum in the US and opened Toni all the markets around the world came "Secrets" which also was a big impact around the world with the #1's hits "you're making me high" and un-break my heart", the album sold 12 million copies worldwide. After this success and taking home 5 Grammy awards, Toni had a very bad time in her life after having a fight with her record company because they weren't paying what she deserved.She came back in 2000 once again with Laface (her record company) with this magnificent album that debuted in the Billboard 200 at #2, the first single "he wasn't man enough" became an instant hit and brought Toni her Grammy #6.When I first bought "The heat" I found Toni's change but in a fresher way with songs like "he wasn't man enough".With "The heat" Toni opened a new style in her music, some of the songs have much more beat than her first ones, actually it's a great combination between rhythm and blues, pop and hip-hop...if you buy it I think you're gonna love as I do.

(Istanbul, Turkey)
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
- This album will incraese your heat !

Toni Braxton's 3rd solo-album is a sign of a powerful return. She continues to be one of the leading stars of R&B. The most romantic track of the album "Spanish Guitar" and the 1st single "He wasn't man enough for me" are the most successful songs. If you have liked her previous album "Secrets", probably you'll enjoy "The Heat" too. Buy it now not to regret later :)

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