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Track:Evil Eye

Takida «Evil Eye» Music Video:

Song Lyric «Evil Eye»

You say: I got nothing help me just one more time

The same old lies when you're talking to me and your disguise
transparent for my eyes, it's been a while but I can recognize it,
the dark is in your mind

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On and on, it's haunting you, you can't escape,
you mean to be true, it doesn't mind,
you are down with it

You say: I got nothing help me just one more time
-But I don't have a reason, don't wanna change my mind
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Evil eye, it's nothing new, you're victimized, he's got you,
well alright, it doesn't matter where you are he will be there

On line, and now I'm sad,
I don't wanna help you realize it's taken over you and now it's breaking

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