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Status Quo Album - In the Army Now

Status Quo Album - In the Army Now (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: In the Army Now
Approx. Price:$13.98 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Label:Universal UK
Customers Rating :
Average (4.0) :(3 votes)
1 votes
1 votes
1 votes
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Track Listing :
1 Rollin' Home
2 Calling
6 Dreamin'
8 Invitation
10 Speechless
11 Overdose
12 Lonely
13 Keep Me Guessing
14 Don't Give It Up
15 Heartburn
16 Late Last Night
17 Long Legged Girls
Review - Product Description :
Remastered UK 17 track CD album featuring 6 Bonus Tracks including 'Lonely', 'Don't Give It Up' & 'Late Last Night', picture booklet complete with extensive liner notes by esteemed rock writer Dave Ling, rare photographs and memorabillia. Polydor. 2006.
(Melbourne Australia)
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
- Suprizingly good cd this

Status quo broke up in 1984 and released their End Of The Road video.

2 years later they decided to reform without their bass player Alan Lancaster.I was dubious about getting this album but i thought what the hell.I wasnt into the modern scene.

I was so suprized at what a good cd this was.Some of the songs here i kept playing over and over such as In Your Eyes,Save Me ,Red Sky and the supurb Overdose,man i love that song.

I could name all the songs as sensational here,Speechless is also a brilliant song as well as the title track In The Army Now.

Invitation is a slower song but even thats damn good.

Dreamin' ,Rollin' Home ,and Calling are also top songs,now lets play this cd again!!!!

This whole cd is fantastic from start to finish.Most people seemed to think they were past it at the time and did not give this cd a fair go.

I have alot of Quo albums and cds and this is definitly one of my favorites.

If you give this cd a go you wont be disappointed.

(colorado springs)
- quo tries a different approach,

This is where quo changed and still had several hit single though doing it!

the went for a more slick rock sound that isn't driving boogie guitar driven. And it is a successful cd of it's type but quo fans were not happy with this somewhat. Still it's a decent cd with some solid songs on it. It's just like a different band is some ways. The hit 'rollin home' though is classic quo and 'in the army now' another hit is not but a good rock song. there's other songs on here that are less rockin but they are not terrible. I think if they'd not released the pop 'aint complainin' this one would have been seen as a interesting change of style for the band that's got just a few weak songs even though it's not the same style as what came before mostly. Fans should get earlier releases before this one but it's worth having. I like what came later until 91's 'rock til you drop' but those releases are weak quo at best and good pop at best. NOt what quos fans wanted, although I don't think many fans were up in arms until 'ain't complainin' came out though.

(Lufkin, Tx)
- Good music-hard review

First I am a died in the wool Quo fan, it started all the way back in high school with Pictures of Matchstick Men. I just received this cd, I like it but, it falls in the catagory of all music made in the 80's. Heavy keyboards, now Andy Bown is a great keyboard player, I even have a couple of his solo albums before Quo. But the 80's rock music was about big hair & keyboards. I would only compare this cd to other cd's made in the 80's & it is a lot better of that kind of music. I'm glad I bought it, but don't expect any hard boogie guitar riffs.

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