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Track:Do I Wait

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Song Lyric «Do I Wait»

Do I want to say the things I say
When I know that they are wrong
Do I wait here forever for you
Would you ask me to?

I been waiting here all night
If your not going to show, we're not gonna fight
I could stay forever if I tried
Surrounded by things, like a shadow in the light
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Do I try and stay still for you
And the clowns who park here fill the emptiness of the room
Do you watch me from the corner of your eye
Do we say goodbye?

I waited in the wings for you to appear
But you're never coming back, you're never gonna feel
Like we did, I waited all night
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I tried to let you go like a shadow in the light
The light

Do I wait
Do I wait for you?
Do I wait
Do I wait for you?

Do I wait here forever for you?
Did you ask me to?

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