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Disco de Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents Another World

Disco de Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents Another World (Anverso)
Información del disco :
Título: Perfecto Presents Another World
Precio aprox.:$21.98 (USD)
Fecha de Publicación:
Tipo:Audio CD
Sello Discográfico:Sire / London/Rhino
Valoración de Usuarios :
Media (4.2) :(194 votos)
113 votos
38 votos
18 votos
15 votos
10 votos
Contenido :
1 - 1 The Host Of The Seraphim - Dead Can Dance
1 - 2 Majestic - Tone Depth
1 - 3 Take Me Away (Circulation Mix) - Chilled Eskimos
1 - 4 Baby I'm Gonna Leave You (The Quiver Mix) - Led Zeppelin
1 - 5 Ubik (Dance Mix) - Timo Maas
1 - 6 Into Deep - LSG
1 - 7 Max Graham - Airtight
1 - 8 Bullet In A Gun (Rabbit In The Moon Mix) - Planet Perfecto
1 - 9 Darker - Braccancio & Aisher
1 - 10 Sanvean - Dead Can Dance
1 - 11 No Way Out (Highland Mix) - Highland
1 - 12 Max Graham - Bar None
1 - 13 Vangelis - Tears in the Rain
1 - 14 Amoebassassin - Piledrvier
2 - 1 Music - Tatoin
2 - 2 Eugina 2000 (Progressive Summer Mix) - Salt Tank
2 - 3 Song To The Siren - Sabel
2 - 4 Back & Front - Skope
2 - 5 Flesh (Tilt Mix) - Jan Johnston
2 - 6 Rachel's Song - Vangelis
2 - 7 Sacrifice - Lisa Gerrard
2 - 8 Animal - Lost It. Com
2 - 9 Northsky - Blackwatch
2 - 10 The Silence 2000 (DJ Tiesto Remix) - Delerium
(Ontario, California)
33 personas de un total de 33 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- The Best Of Paul Oakenfold

The Host Of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance blares through the speakers, warming the pinnacle of disk-one's climatic entrance. Then, shortly after a "Majestic" reprieve from female singing, Led Zepplin rocks the house with trance as its background. If that's not eclectic enough than I don't what is--. The major problem with a lot of techno these days are the repetitive atmospheres that claim to be original and new. Bah! Do you know how many times I hear the same old same old in terms of sound? It gets quite annoying at times and very unappealing to its uninventfulness. Paul, however, is an exception to this complaint. He seems to reinvent himself with each new release, blessing his listeners with something fresh and flat-out marvelous. And if anybody thinks that this is unoriginal and frankly "boring," than they need to open their minds more to change. The consistant breaks of New Age-type songs are a blissful relief to the constant pounding of the grandious synth lines & groove beats conjured by Oakey, proving techno to be much more than just obnoxious noise. It can also provide you with a source of meditation and emotion, as portrayed here in such tunes as Song To The Siren by Sabel (as heard on a perfume commercial), Rachel's Song by Vangelis, and Sanvean by Dead Can Dance. I think it's a perfect blend of two genres weaving naturally into one colorful hue. And I have to agree with an earlier reviewer who pointed out that Oakey's intent of Perfecto Radio was not made for the purpose of dance clubs but moreso for the reason to produce something to groove to at home without wishing you were raving instead.

P.S. Both cds are excellent but the 2nd is slightly better. And the last song - The Silence 2000 by Delerium is meant to be played very, very loud! Don't delay on buying "Perfecto Presents Another World" for Oakey triumphs once again.

I hope my review helped. Did it?

Análisis de usuario
9 personas de un total de 9 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Oakenfold explors uncharted territory...

People, you must all understand on the first hand that this record is not meant to be an dance album. Although some might disagree, I, like a million other trance listeners in the world, embrace this kind of music for the 'peace of mind' which they provide. And sure, the flow of the CD would be considered danceable to many, yet I just don't think that's what Oakenfold intended here (Afterall, it's entitled "Another World"). Oakenfold dazzles his audience by creating a genre-bending soundscape of beautiful trance, eerie gothic choir, soundtrack, and remixed rock (Led Zeppelin). This is exactly the type of album that I've been anticipating for years, and I personally think that it deserves a place in the New Age section of record stores.

I initially would've given 6 stars to this album, just for the ground-breaking concept. But having owned the CD for about six months now, I'll point out few minor complaints that kept this from becoming the best trance mix ever.

One: the use of three rather similar vocal trance tracks on disc 2 ("Song to the Siren", "Flesh", "The Silence"). Two: the over-promotion of Perfecto records.

The first complaint might just have been the matter of taste, but I personally thought that using those three tracks were unneccesary. I liked how CD2 opened up, with the mesmerizing building strings of "Music", followed with Salt Tank's rebuffed 1996 classic "Eugina". The use of "Song to the Siren" as the third track seemed to create a opening for a possible new direction that would launch the set into greatness. Yet, the flow temporary dies there. Oakenfold follows the track with a unusual subliminal techno beat of "Back and Front"; and by the time he brings out "Flesh" (the second vocal track which I mentioned), I was left asking myself 'Again??'. Even worse, his dicision to close the set using DJ Tiesto's cheesed up "The Silence" (the third vocal track) suddenly changed the overall feel of the CD almost similar to Gatecrasher or Ministry of Sound. (Luckily, the Bladerunner soundtrack and Lisa Gerrard inserted in the middle of the set prevented it.)

The second, and the greatest problem, was the over-promotion of Perfecto records. Being Oakenfold's idea or not, the seeming obligation to promote Perfecto somewhat hindered his creativity. (There are a total of 4 Perfecto tracks; two in each CDs.) Especially in CD1 (which I enjoy more than CD2), the two Perfecto tracks, "Ubik" and "Bullet in a Gun", were the only songs that didn't quite go with the overall flow. Timo Maas's jagged "Ubik" is way too harsh to be on the album. Oakenfold manages to mix the track into Zeppelin's "Babe...", but is then forced to scramble to return the set back into the right orbit (which he successfully does, using LSG's ambience "Into Deep" as a transition-fader background).

If you want to jump around, or listen to the likes of Judge Jules or Pete Tong, definitely don't buy this.

If you enjoy the futuristic and educated sound --the DJ likes of Dave Seaman, and producers such as Way Out West-- then this is for you.

(Calabasas, CA)
5 personas de un total de 5 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Superb and provoking!

This CD represents an excellent blend of today's new-age and transformational dance music some of us have been waiting for for years.

I represent just one of many people Oakenfold annoyed with this 2 CD compilation in its first sampling. I found myself mesmerized the second time around. I merely suggest that fans all over recognize that Oakenfold was the creator of the sound we love today. He is an innovator in his own right and this release represents all that is good in trance.

The first CD gives off an energetic vibe with some increasingly popular white labels such as "Ubik" by Timo Maas. The tempo steadfastly increases throughout the CD until a classical blend controls the beat, whiplashing its audience into a powerful, three-song crescendo that ends the CD with an exclaimation mark; you finish it dying to pop in the second.

The second CD is trance and Oakey at his finest. Complete it feeling uplifted and energetic.

In my opinion, his best ever. As the inventor of trance, Oakenfold is taking his audience to new arenas with a sound and energy that should kick start you all with a new way of thinking about trance music.

(Parkland, FL)
4 personas de un total de 4 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:

If I could give this album higher than 5 stars I would. Oakie does it yet again, and then some with "Another World". This album is by far my favorite in my entire CD collection and my favorite Paul Oakenfold album. As a set, both CD's do a great job of moving you through the music. Oakenfold has taken it to another level here, really expanding himself. The opening "Dead Can Dance" track is mellow and spiritual, while he pumps up the energy moving into "Ubik" and LSG's "Into Deep". Finally climaxing on CD 1 with Ambeoassassin's "Piledriver", leaving you craving more. And he gives it to you. CD 2 is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is an emotional ride with the energetic rythems of Skope and Jan Johnson and the absolutly beautiful Vangelis seamlessly added into the mix. This Album is a definate MUST HAVE. It is Amazing!

4 personas de un total de 4 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- My absolute favorite Oakenfold CD of all time

If you are an Oakenfold fan, you MUST purchase Perfecto Presents Another World. This by far the best compilation he has done and is one of my absolute favorite CDs of all time. Every Oakenfold or even techno/dance/electronica fan should own it!

The transition of songs could not be better. The selection of pieces is fantastic, right down to Delerium and the end of the second CD. If you have never bought anythgin by Paul Oakenfold before, this is the one to start off with - you will not be disappointed. This is how I got hooked on his collections - which I now own 11 of! :-)

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