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Omarion Album - 21 (+1 Bonus Track)

Omarion Album - 21 (+1 Bonus Track) (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: 21 (+1 Bonus Track)
Approx. Price:
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Label:Sony Urban Music
Customers Rating :
Average (3.6) :(39 votes)
13 votes
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9 votes
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Review - Product Description :
Limited Edition includes the Bonus track "The Truth". Track listing: 1.Entourage 2.Ice Box 3.Electric 4.Made For TV 5.Just Can't Let You Go 6.Obsession 7.Midnight 8.Just that Sexy 9.Beg For It 10.Do It 11.Been With A Star 12.What Are We Doing BONUS TRACK: 13.The Truth
(Hampton VA USA)
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
- more 2 offer this time

As much as i enjoyed O's first CD. 21 is definetely more grown up and mature than his previous effort. At first i wasn't really into "Entourage" but the more i listened to it. The more i got a feel and enjoyed the song more. It has like a 80's vibe to it hard to explain but i'm feeling it. Also love these tracks below in no order:

Ice Box (just that good)

Made For TV (nicely done slow jam)

Just Can't Let You Go (the beat won't let you go)

Midnight (one of favs on the cd overall,vocals and everything just bring it together)

Just That Sexy (i just enjoy this one)

Do It (again a nice beat and vocals)

What Are We Doing (a nice closer)

to a cd that brings much more to the table in the way of a more grownup feel to it. Also with Omarion writing songs 1,2,3,7,8,10,11 and 12. He's bringing it with more input to the songs he's singing and its very evident. Looking forward to what Omarion brings to the table on his next cd but for the time being 21 will do very well for me.

(Philadelphia, PA)
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
- Excellent album

"21" is a very grown-up and mature project. Omarion shows his audience a more vulnerable side by writing on things that he, himself has experienced. The album will make you move with tracks like "Electric", "Entourage" , and "Beg for It".It also shows a smoother side with "Do It" and one of my favs "Midnight". Working with amazing producers like Timbaland, Pharrell Williams , The Underdogs and new comer Eric Hudson has definitely paid off for Omarion. He is letting the world know that he's not a bubblegum popstar any more. He has branched off and became a solid chart topper. I recommend this album to everyone who loves feel good music!

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
- Omarion is here to stay

Fresh from his huge debut album O; Omarion is showing the world not only

has he grown but he's here to stay. This album is completly different from

O. It shows Omarion growing not only as a singer but a songwriter. He

wrote most of the songs in the album. This album is filled with club

bangers like Beg for It which is produced by Timberland, Obession produced

by the neptunes, and electric produced by Eric Hudson. He has songs that

are exclusively for the ladies describing how he wants in his ideal lady

and how he would treat her like Have you been with a Star, Made for TV,

and of course Entourage. There's also a track where Omarion raps.This is a

great album. This album shows that Omarion is not going to get

the "sophmore album" curse. I suggest that you get the Bet offical because

you getting two for the price for the price of one. Also there are very

good footage on the DVD. It shows you Omarion the way you nver seen him

before. I love all the tracks on the album but my favorites would be Beg

for it, Midnight, have you ever been with a star, made for tv, electric,

and entourage.I give this album a E for excellent. I suggest y'all get the

album and also go to the Scream Tour 5 because Omarion gives a crazy show. you won't be disappointed."

(Milwaukee, WI)
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- 3-1/2 stars -- The evolution continues

When young R&B artists use the title of their albums as a reference to their having gotten older, it's supposed to reflect on their maturation as a singer when really the album contains one or two bumpable songs sandwiched between a bunch of filler (just ask Mario or Ciara). But Omarion's latest album 21 is just as good as his previous album.

Very rarely in the biz nowadays do you find an R&B album without a single guest star, but O holds his own throughout the album. Although "Entourage" is good, it really didn't get people rushing out to buy the album, but "Ice Box" fared much better, and it deserved to because it might be the best song on here. And the lyrics to "Just That Sexy" look clichéd on paper, but the song still works.

There aren't many ballads this time around, but "Midnight", one of the only ones, stands out. Also good are "Electric" and "Just Can't Let You Go". But things get a little shaky when certain producers come aboard. The obligatory Neptunes track "Obsession" is filler; and when O is joined by Timbaland, he hits ("Ice Box") and misses ("Beg For It").

I was still going to give this album four stars, but I had to knock it down to three-and-a-half due to the corny bridge found in the final track, "What Are We Doing". But 21 is still a worthy album that proves that Omarion just gets better with age.

Anthony Rupert

(In Your Dreams)
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- It's Alright- Not Too Bad, But Could've Been Much Better (2.5 Stars)

I like Omarion and he's talented, but he has not quite developed a style of his own since he has left B2K. I really like the song "Entourage" and I was hoping that the rest of '21' would have the same vibe, but it doesn't. The problem with most of the songs on this album is that they're forgetable and could've been peformed by anyone. Most of the heavy beats in the song compete with Omarion's vocals and it tends to sound confusing. I like to hear vocals, emotions, and melodies, not loud heavy repetitive recycled beats. The only good songs on here were "Entourage," "Just Can't Let You Go," and "Obsession." It's obvious that Omarion is influenced by Michael Jackson and Usher, but there are other good male R&B singers out there whose styles could be incorporated into Omarion's. If Omarion wants any longevity in his music career, his best bet would be to stay away from popular mainstream producers like Timbaland and the Neptunes and find a producer who will help him develop his own unique style.

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