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Disco de The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die: The Remaster

Disco de The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready to Die: The Remaster (Anverso)
Información del disco :
Título: Ready to Die: The Remaster
Precio aprox.:$15.98 (USD)
Fecha de Publicación:
Tipo:Audio CD
Sello Discográfico:Bad Boy
Valoración de Usuarios :
Media (4.6) :(362 votos)
303 votos
22 votos
16 votos
6 votos
15 votos
Contenido :
1 Intro
2 Things Done Changed
3 Gimme That Loot
4 Machine Got Funk
6 Ready to Die
8 #! *@ Me (Interlude)
11 Everday Struggle
12 Me & My B*tCH
14 Respect
15 Friend of Mine
16 Unbelievable
17 Suicidal Thoughts
19 Just Playing (Dreams)
(Long Island, New York)
46 personas de un total de 49 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- How can I put this?

Hmm it's a good album...wait no a great album...forget that it's the BEST album. When biggie dropped this album it hit like an atomic bomb, totally re-arranging the rap world and driving the fledging east-coast back to the top. Normally I would tell you my favorite tracks but I'll just break it down with the whole damn CD is amazing. From the intro to the ending "Suicidal Thoughts" The Notorious BIG put down everything thats essential for an instant classic, and believe it or not Puff Daddy...oh excuse me "P. Diddy" laced this whole album up with amazing beats. If I could give this CD 10 stars I would, and like several reviewers on here mentioned, how could you give it anything less? And finally this last part is for all angry Tupac Shakur fans coming down on this CD with 1 star reviews and cursing, Tupac and Biggie were equally great we all know it, but some of us would rather stay angry. But isn't that anger the same kind that made us lose the two greatest MC's Tupac and Biggie? Think about it, and grab this CD. Peace.

(New York)
17 personas de un total de 19 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- My Favorite Album

In 1994, The Notorious B.I.G. came out with what I think is the greatest rap album ever created. Biggie had an amazing rhyme style which he unleashed in every single song. He could change his style from song to song and still managed to keep in character. He made songs that showed what he knew about when he was growing up hustling. His raps are easy to understand but he manages to still make them outstanding. Biggie's loose and easy flow made his songs great. When he begins to pile multiple rhymes on top of one another you know you're hearing a classic. My favorite aspect of The Notorious B.I.G. is his dramatic storytelling and how easily he slips in and out of different characters.

1. Intro - Nice intro to introduce The Notorious B.I.G. into the game.

2. Things Done Changed - Very deep song. Great to start off this album. Really defines himself with this song about changes. "Back in the days, our parents used to take care of us. Look at em now, they even f***ing scared of us!" 10/10

3. Gimmie The Loot - Classic track. Biggie flawlessly portrays two different characters. This song is funny and has some classic lines. "I wouldn't give f*** if you're pregnant. Give me the baby rings and a #1 MOM pendant!" 10/10

4. Machine Gun Funk - Great lyrics, great beat and sample. "Relentless approach, to know if I'm broke or not, Just cause I joke and smoke a lot, Don't mean I don't tote the glock." 10/10

5. Warning - A great song. One of his best actually. This song shows Big's storytelling ability and manages to inject some humor and his lyrics are perfect. "There's gonna be a lot of slow singin, and flower bringin if my burgular alarm starts ringing." 10/10

6. Ready To Die - Classic song. Biggie tears up the 1st verse and when you hear him finish off the verse, you know it's a classic. 10/10

7. One More Chance - Good song with a good beat. Not a standout track in my opinion but it's still great. The phone messages in the beginning are annoying though. 8/10

8. #!*@ Me - Strange skit. Go ahead and skip it. Definately not worth a second listen.

9. The What - One of the rawest songs on the album. It features Method Man who completely tears it up. As usual, Biggie holds his own. "Excuse me, flows just grow through me like trees to branches, Cliffs to avalanches. It's the praying mantis." 10/10

10. Juicy - A now classic song about growing up in the hood and finally making it big. 10/10

11. Everyday Stuggles - Great song about growing up in the ghetto. Nice deep song with nice beat and great lyrics. "Packed up my tools for my raw power moves. Glock nineteen for casket and flower moves. For chumps tryin to stop my flow, and what they don't know will show on the autopsy." 10/10

12. Me & My B*tch - Great song about his girl who met a sad fate. Big manages to lay some deep rhymes throughout this depressing story. "She helped me plan out my robberies on my enemies.Didn't hesitate to squeeze, to get my life out of danger. One day, she put 911 on the pager." 10/10

13. Big Poppa - Now a classic song. Not really much to be said about it that hasn't already been said. 10/10

14. Respect - Good song with a Reggae twist. BIG just rapping about his ascent in the world since birth. Tight rhymes as usual. "I made it out, I'm bringin' mad joy. The doctor looked and said, 'He's gonna be a Bad Boy'" 9/10

15. Friend Of Mine - Probably my least favorite song on the album but BIG still manages to lay out some nice rhymes in this song about girls cheating. 7/10

16. Unbelievable - Pretty nice beat but once again, it's Biggie's rhymes that carry this song. "Rappers can't sleep, Need sleepin. Big keep creepin, Bullets heat-seekin, Casualties need treatin, Dumb rappers need teachin." 9/10

17. Suicidal Thoughts - My Favorite song on Ready To Die. BIG's rhymes are flawless and he manages to explain everything he feels he's done wrong that justifies his suicide. Classic and depressing ending to a classic album. 10/10

8 personas de un total de 8 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Another reason to avoid the remaster!

The album itself is classic, 5 stars, hands down. But, don't buy the remaster!

A previous reviewer already noted that the MP3 version is edited; I can't comment on that. What I can tell you is that, due to legal wrangling, some integral samples have been removed from this version, specifically from "Machine Gun Funk" and "Ready to Die." This definitely makes the remaster inferior. Go find the original version at a used CD store.

[Edit: Amazon removed my links to examples, but you can find the original and remastered versions of those tracks on YouTube and compare.]

It's really too bad that whoever owns these tracks won't do the right thing! It's not like Biggie's profiting from any of this anyway.

(Atlanta (College Park)
7 personas de un total de 7 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- The Album That Set The Year '94 (Rating: 10 out of 10- -5 stars)

Can anyone forget this album? This album (as well as Nas' "Illmatic" were the front runners of the year 1994. Christopher "Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls)" Wallace debuted with this album with the lead single "Juicy". A rags to riches song that still gets played here in 2006. Biggie's lyrical skills were excellent. I hear a lot of rappers (who I will be here all day naming) saying excellent lines that came from Biggie. I think to myself "Damn, this guy said everything".

The album is excellent too. A lot of these songs are about drugs, robbing, and what not. Big was just rhyming about things that he went through before he had a record deal, trying to survive and eat. Who could blame him? "Give Me The Loot" is one of those songs about his struggles (some words were edited in this song. I'm pretty sure rhyming about robbing a pregnant woman was going to gain some negative attention). "Machine Gun Funk" is self explanitory on how a good song it was. "Warning" was a short song and video about people targeting him for his money. "One More Chance" is a great song about how he gets his females. The song would be remixed and made into a video a year later, but both versions sound great.

Guest appearances are only one. Method Man, back when his rhyme skills were phenomonal, would rhyme on "The What". Classic track if you ask me.

Production was by Mr. Cee, and Puff Daddy. True, Puffy might be the "king of beat jacking" and what not, but he did a damn good job with them. The Isley Brothers "Between The Sheets" would be made into the classic single "Big Poppa" was one of them.

This album was pulled off the shelves earlier of this year, because of unauthorized sampling on this album. But recently I've seeing it back on shelves. I guess it got settled. I bought this back in 2003 when it had the origonal white album cover. If you purchased this in 2004, you get the album with a few extra tracks like the more popular "One More Chance (Remix)". And you get the DVD with all the videos that came from this album. This album had a heavy impact in 1994, is a classic and is a must have for any hip hop collection. Most of these songs are rehashed into choppy verses on his postmothous albums unfortunately. But this is where most of them origonally came from. Biggies legacy helped influenced a laundry list your favorite rappers today, who bite his style. That alone should explain how this impacted hip hop. Word.

Rest In Peace Biggie Smalls

Lyrics: A+

Production: A+

Guest Appearances: A+

Musical Vibes: A

Overall: A+

Favorite Tracks: Give Me The Loot, Machine Gun Funk, Warning, One More Chance, Juicy, Every Day Struggle, Me & My B*tch, Big Poppa, Respect, Friend Of Mine, Suicidal Thoughts


(New York)
15 personas de un total de 18 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- The Greatest CD Of All Time Just Got Better...

In my opinion, Ready To Die was the greatest rap album of all time. Maybe it's because i'm a huge Biggie fan, but I favor this over Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, Illmatic, and all of the other all time great CDs. If you don't have Ready To Die, then GET THE RE-RELEASE! It's remastered, and includes the classic Who Shot Ya, and Just Playin (Dreams).It also comes with a DVD featuring the music videos from Ready To Die. PICK THIS UP!


2.Things Done Changed-produced by Darnell Scott-5/5-Great production. Definately an impressive song to start off the album. (Samples Dr. Dre-Lil Ghetto Boy)

3.Gimme The Loot-produced by Easy Mo Bee-6/5-Either this, or Slick Rick's Children's Story are my favorite songs of all time. The great production doesn't even matter in this song, because of Biggie's tremendous duel-role playing and storytelling skills shown in this song. Perfect song...

4.Machine Gun Funk-produced by Easy Mo Bee-5/5-Another classic song. Big chose this as the first single, but Puffy thought that it would be a better idea to put out Juicy. More nice production and Biggie's flow is just amazing. (Samples Lords Of The Underground-Chief Rocka)

5.Warning-produced by Easy Mo Bee-5/5-Big keeps coming with the classics, and probably my favorite video of all time. Big's storytelling on this one goes perfect with this beat.

6.Ready To Die-produced by Easy Mo Bee-5/5-Easy Mo Bee's run of 4 amazingly produced songs ends here. Biggie shows off some of his lyrical ability here.

7.One More Chance-produced by Norman & Digga/Bluez Brothers, Carl "Chucky" Thompson & P. Diddy-5/5-Classic, and named one of XXL's 69 most Freek-A-Leekiest songs of all time for a reason. Personally I like the remix better, but still a great song.

8.#!*@ Me-Interlude (Yeah, thats Lil Kim)

9.The What ft. Method Man-produced by Easy Mo Bee-5/5-The only guest apperance on the album is a well-worthy one. Meth and Biggie feed off of eachother perfectly.

10.Juicy-produced by Jean "Poke" Oliver & P. Diddy-5/5-Biggie's first ever single, and most people would agree it's one of the best songs of all time.

11.Everyday Struggles-produced by Norman & Digga/Bluez Brothers-5/5-I love this song, some of the best production I've ever heard and Big's verses are just amazing (its extremely hard to believe that he didn't write his verses, but just recorded them off the top of the head)

12.Me & My B*tch-produced by Norman & Digga/Bluez Brothers, Carl "Chucky" Thompson & P. Diddy-5/5-A little bit of a darker feel (production-wise, and Biggie's verses) but a great song anyway

13.Big Poppa-produced by Carl "Chucky" Thompson & P. Diddy-5/5-Classic song, and feels kind of out of place on this album, but Puff had to find a way to have Biggie appeal to the mainstream.

14.Respect-produced by Jean "Poke" Oliver & P. Diddy-5/5-I have no idea who that is on the chorus, but the Reggae feel goes great with the beat and Biggie drops a life-story type song

15.Friend Of Mine-produced by Easy Mo Bee-5/5-The worst track lyrically on the album, and I was going to give it a 4.5, but I realized that I would give it a 5 if it was on any other album

16.Unbelievable-produced by DJ Premier-5/5-Once again, another classic. This song is truly Unbelievable, just like every time Primo and Biggie got together (Samples R. Kelly-Your Body's Callin)

17.Suicidal Thoughts-produced by Lord Finesse-5/5-This song is genius. A very dark feel (see the title), and is a perfect closing track to a perfect CD, but there are....

Bonus Tracks

18.Who Shot Ya-produced by Nasheim Myrick & P. Diddy-5/5-As if this album needed more amazing songs. Definately a classic, and started the infamous 2Pac-Biggie beef. This song was obviously not directed to Pac, as most people except for ignorant 2Pac fans know. If you have the original version, then at least download this song if you dont have it.

19.Just Playing (Dreams)-produced by Rashaad Smith-4.5/5-This song was going to be on the original Ready To Die, but it mentioned artists on the label, and the label didnt think it should be released. If you havent heard this song, the chorus (Dreeeaaams, of f***in an R&B b*tch) might help you figure out why they left it off

Also, check out Biggie's biography, Unbelievable by Cheo Hodari Coker, which i would reccomend to any Biggie fans

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