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Moby Album - Moby: Live - Hotel Tour 2005

Moby Album - Moby: Live - Hotel Tour 2005 (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: Moby: Live - Hotel Tour 2005
Approx. Price:$22.98 (USD)
Release Date:
Label:EMI Import
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Review - Product Description :
The dimunitive artist's artist was recorded live at Brabathalle, Leuven during the Hotel Tour in 2005. The set features classic Moby tracks as well as a cover of Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side" and the videos for "Lift Me Up", "Beautiful", "Raining Again", "Spiders" and "Dream About Me" plus two bonus films exclusive to this DVD. "Little Movie #1" is a jaunt around the world, filmed by Moby with "Dream About Me" as the soundtrack, and shows a glimpse of life on the road while Mr Fish is a humorous puppet film starring Mr. Fish (at one point singing his own versions of Moby tracks in his own inimitable style!). The DVD comes backed with an exclusive remix CD featuring tracks from the latest album Hotel remixed by Mylo, Tiga, Steve Angello, Booka Shade and Axwell, among others. (The DVD is in the PAL format. You must have a PAL capable player to see the material.)
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- Welcome To Moby Hotel - A Five Star Stay

Over the years Richard Melville Hall has copped a lot of flack from various music circles. To rave aficionados he's the bastard child who betrayed his roots by disputing the genre's relevance. To dance purists he's the sell-out who chased the mighty dollar via multiple advertising deals. To lovers of Deep South Negro spirituals he's the man who whored Alan Lomax field recordings for hits such as Honey, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? and Run On. And to Eminem, he's eternally the "36-year-old boy in fag clothing".

It's true that he takes himself to seriously and has confusingly mixed morals when it comes to politics, drug use and animal activism, but Moby's 20 years of music making ensures his live shows are a blast. From early dance party successes such as the Twin Peaks-sampling Go to his latest David Bowie-aping single Spiders, on the new DVD Live - Hotel Tour 2005 Moby takes his audience through a diverse range of music styles.

Covering seminal punk, rock and dance tunes such as That's When I Reach For My Revolver, Walk On The Wild Side and Temptation is a risky proposition, but apart from Moby's quivering vocal style the overall package is solid. Moby's female vocalist Laura Dawn makes her mark on hits Find My Baby, Dream About Me and Feeling So Real, with her pint-sized New York boss doing the rock star guitarist thing on We Are All Made Of Stars, Bodyrock and Lift Me Up.

As with previous Moby DVDs, value for money comes via a host of extras, this time including Hotel videos (including the bizarre costume animal wife-swapping debauchery of Beautiful), bonus live tracks, home movies and a remix CD of Moby's latest tracks featuring hot producers Steve Angello, Tiga and Mylo.

Hotel might have been pretty vacant, but Live is a five star stay.

(British Columbia, Canada)
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- SOOO Many Extra's Thank you Moby

I really liked this DVD. Chock full of extra's including a CD of 13 re-mixed songs (which is awesome,) 5 music videos, live tracks, 2 `little' movies and a fantastic live performance. If you're a Moby fan then this is a must have and good value for money.

The concert has been filmed in Belgium and Moby takes his European audience along for a great ride through all his many hits. The crowd shots make this concert resemble a rave, with lots of hot, sweaty bodies jumping up and down. It made me want to be there.

With 24 songs in total the selection here is excellent. My favourite tracks would have to be the brilliant renditions of Next To E and David Bowie's Spiders. Laura Dawn is amazing on back up vocals and shines on tracks such as Dream about me, Feeling So Bad and Find My Baby where Moby takes a back seat. Throughout the concert Moby talks to his audience; apologizing for George Bush and peppering them with little anecdotes "Thank you, thank you." The re-mixed CD is fantastic and I also enjoyed his music videos especially the weird animal costumed Beautiful.

I did find the menus a little hard to follow but other than that I can highly recommend this DVD, with so many extras you can't go wrong.

Songs included are; Find my baby, Raining again, Natural blues, Spiders, Where you end, In my heart, Go, That's when I reach for my revolver, Temptation, Beautiful, Very, Next is the e, Porcelain, Dream about me, Why does my heart feel so bad? We are all made of stars, Slipping away, Honey, Bodyrock, Lift me up, Walk on the wild side, Fur Elise and Feeling so bad.

Remixed CD includes different and multiple versions of; Lift me up, Raining again, Beautiful, Slipping away and Where you end (13 in total)

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- Moby Rocks!

Moby Rocks! For anyone who is a fan of Moby, this is a must have! The music is fantastic and all of his best songs are played at this concert. I found the lighting was a little dark at times but hey, it's a live concert! The menu of the dvd was a little hard to follow but it was artistic. Play the dvd on a big tv with a surround sound and it's almost like being at the concert!

(Lima, Peru)
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- MoBy DoEs It AGaiN!!! WhAt An AwEsOmE DvD!!!

When I bought this DVD I had no idea what the concert was like or if it even had extras, then I watched the concert on TNT latinoamerica and I was impressed! He's so full of energy! I already own his 2 previous DVDs, which are full of extra features.

5 minutes ago the postman came, I've just opened the box and I must say I'm absolutely astonished! He's included here tons of extras! Music videos, bonus live tracks, documentaries, etc! He's certainly done it again! Thank you MOBY. Come to latinamerica again, if possible, come to PERU! We love you here!

(United States)
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- the sound is flat?

I love Moby. I was first exposed to one of his live performances on HBO's Reverb. I watched the 20 minute set on a 27" television with no surround sound and was blown away.

Now for this DVD, I have a good system and found the sound on this performance/DVD to be flat.

I've watched it twice and came away with the same feeling each time.

Without question, Moby and his band put on one hell of a show. Without question, this DVD is well filmed and produced and beautifully showcases the concert. I would love to have been there in the audience.

I just can't my finger on it; with all the energy, something didn't come through.

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