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Disco de Melendi - Sin Noticias De Holanda

Disco de Melendi - Sin Noticias De Holanda (Anverso)
Información del disco :
Título: Sin Noticias De Holanda
Precio aprox.:$21.99 (USD)
Fecha de Publicación:
Tipo:Audio CD
Sello Discográfico:Phantom Sound & Vision
Contenido :
3 Se Lo Que Hicisteis
13 Moratala
16 Trae Pa' K Esa Yerba Guena
- Fantastic bridging of modern and classic Spanish music

During my stay in Spain I couldn't escape the song "Con La Luna Llena" because it was the theme song to the biggest bike race in the country, La Vuelta. In fact, it was the first song I mustered the courage to actually ask somebody about in my sub-par Spanish. As a result, of course, I picked up the album.

I would call it flamenco/pop/rock. There are a lot of songs with no element of the flamenco tradition in them, but a few of the distinct clapping and guitar playing you would expect from a flamenco artist. What's great is that these elements are infused with a lot of typical pop traditions, so its easier for a listener like me who respects more than enjoys someone like Paco de Lucia.

Additionally, unlike many albums I've picked up in recent years, this wasn't just a single surrounded by fluff. "Con La Luna Llena" is the best song, there is no doubt about that. However, there's not one other song that is sub-par (though the remixes are unneccessary). Other standouts in my mind are "Moratala" which has possibly the most infectious chorus in the history of pop music. The track starts with whistling because you're obviously going to be whistling along with "Por que moratala, la luna no se va..." afterwards. The title track, "Sin Noticias de Holanda" is also particularly good.

In Spain I picked up the following albums in Spanish: Extremoduro's greatest hits, this album, Don Omar's "The Last Don", Radio Futura's "La Cancion de Juan Perro," Jarabe de Palo's "Un Metro Cuadrado," and Marc Anthony "Amar sin Mentiras" (a really bad idea) and some more my iPod erased when I got back to the States =(. But that's how I'd rank them, essentially calling this the 2nd best "en Español" album I picked up during four months in Spain.

Here's hoping enough Americans pick this up for him to tour the States, cause he played Madrid the day after I left.

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