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Maná Album - Donde Jugaran Los Ninos?

Maná Album - Donde Jugaran Los Ninos?
Album Information :
Title: Donde Jugaran Los Ninos?
Release Date:
Genre:Latin, Rock En Español
Label:Warner Mexico
Explicit Lyrics:No
Review - AMG :
This teen rock outfit favors a pop/rock ethic over Latin rhythms, even delving into folk-rock flavors. While the product is overproduced, they do offer plenty of catchy tunes. ~ Tim Sheridan, All Music Guide
Review :
{$Maná} enjoyed some success with their first album, {^Falta Amor}, but it was their second, {^Donde Jugaran los Niños?}, that made them such an international sensation, establishing them as one of the top {\Latin} {\pop/rock} acts of the '90s. The album is quite solid, maintaining a consistently strong standard of songwriting throughout, and the production is very professional, if perhaps a bit too glossy for those who like some grit in their music. There are a few standout songs here that might have drawn you to {$Maná} in the first place. {&"Vivir sin Aire,"} in particular, is a highlight. Its beautiful melody and gentle performance made it a huge hit, one of those slow-dance {\ballads} that just tugs at your heartstrings and inspires quiet chills of emotion. {&"Oye Mi Amor"} is another great song, this one likewise emotional but, in contrast, up-tempo and zestful -- in short, the yang to the yin of {&"Vivir sin Aire."} Other standout songs include the title track, {&"Como Te Deseo,"} {&"Te Lloré un Rio,"} and {&"Huele a Tristeza,"} though arguments could be made about a great number of the songs on {^Donde Jugaran los Niños?} qualifying as standout. It's one of those albums that warrants beginning-to-end listening, and it's had a lasting appeal over the years, registering not only in {$Maná}'s native stronghold, Mexico, but also among stateside gringos and gringas, who often liken this group's music to that of {$Sting}, especially the singing of {$Fher Olvera}. {^Donde Jugaran los Niños?}'s legacy is such, in fact, that it inspired mockery by the wacky but brilliant Mexican band {$Molotov}, who titled their 1997 album {^Donde Jugaran las Niñas?} and gave it tongue-in-cheek cover artwork. Successive albums by {$Maná} would find much success also -- the band's 2002 masterwork, {^Revolución de Amor}, especially -- but it's common to hear longtime fans declare their special affection for {^Donde Jugaran los Niños?} It's one of the key releases in the {$Maná} canon, and its songs are well represented on the band's 2003 Esencials series of best-ofs, so much so you might not need {^Donde Jugaran los Niños?} if you have the {^Sol} and {^Luna} editions of Esencials, since the best songs here are there. Still, {^Donde Jugaran los Niños?} is the sort of album you'll want to experience in its own context if you're in love with {$Maná}, even if you're well familiar with the singles from hearing them elsewhere. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide
Track Listing :
9 Te Llore Un Rio
13 Como Te Deseo - (remix version)
14 La Chula - (remix version)
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