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Disco de Luis Fonsi - Palabras del Silencio CD/DVD

Disco de Luis Fonsi - Palabras del Silencio CD/DVD (Anverso)
Información del disco :
Título: Palabras del Silencio CD/DVD
Precio aprox.:$12.98 (USD)
Fecha de Publicación:
Tipo:Audio CD
Sello Discográfico:Universal Latino
Valoración de Usuarios :
Media (4.9) :(16 votos)
15 votos
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Contenido :
1 Detras De "Palabras Del Silencio" (La Grabación Del Disco) [Video]
2 Juntos Por Una Canción (La Grabación Del Cuarteto "Aqui Estoy") [Video]
3 Detras De La Sesion Fotografica [Video]
4 Video "No Me Doy Por Vencido" (Edicion Del Director) [Video]
5 Aunque Estes Con El [Album Version]
6 La Mentira [Album Version]
7 Lagrimas Del Mar [Album Version]
8 Todo Vuelve A Empezar [Album Version]
9 Persiguiendo El Paraiso [Album Version]
10 Todo Lo Que Tengo [Album Version]
11 Aqui Estoy Yo [Album Version]
12 Tienes Razon [Album Version]
13 No Me Doy Por Vencido [Version Ranchera]
Análisis - Product Description :
Luis Fonsi marks a new chapter in his career with Palabras Del Silencio, an album that he has devoted two years in creating. This album is by far the most important album of his career; it is the first in which Fonsi composes all of the songs, and as if that was not enough he also co-produces the whole album along side 3 of the most renown international producers; Sebastian Krys, Armando Ávila and Jacobo Calderón. Aside from including the hit single 'No Me Doy Por Vencido'; the album also counts on a few extra gems; a duet featuring Laura Pausini titled 'Todo Vuelve a Empezar', a quartet titled 'Aquí Estoy Yo' with Daid Bisbal, Aleks Syntek and Noel Schajris and an incredible ranchera version of 'No Me Doy Por Vencido' produced by Grammy award winning producer Homero Patrón.
14 personas de un total de 14 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- #6....but #1

"Palabras del Silencio" is the sixth spanish release for Luis Fonsi, but it is probably number one lyric and music wise.

1. "Quien le va decir" [Who's gonna tell her]- Kicks off the album with a very similar sound to Paso a Paso's guitars. It's an obscure sound, similar to the one on "Me Matas". The song's chorus is very catchy and the lyrics are much more developed than previous albums. 4/5

2. "Llueve Por Dentro"[It rains inside]- Typical Fonsi power ballad. It reminds me a little to "Estoy Perdido" only this one is much much better. I love the part when he says "Quiero vivir por siempre junto a ti, no importa nada." (I wanna live forever next to you, nothing else matters") This could be a single, probably second although I would prefer other songs. 4/5

3. "Otro Día Será"[Another Day]- The first happy/upbeat song. Its like a pause on the serious lyrics; good rythm, simple lyrics. Its nice, its catchy. 4/5

4. "No Me Doy Por Vencido"[I don't give up]- First single off the album and great choice. It has that souring chorus and a good message, something that has become a Fonsi label since "abrazar la vida". I like the "ranchera" feeling to it, obviously arranged by La Quinta Estacion's producer Armando Avila. I love the "Yo quiero un mundo contigo" ("i wanna a world with you"). 5/5

5. "Aunque Estés Con El"[Although you're with him]- Wow. In my opinion, one if not the best song on the album. With the "que bonitas estás" ("you're so pretty") and that feeling Fonsi sings with, make it a great song. It's about a guy that loves someone that is with someone else and he's trying to explain to her that he understands that, but he will not stop loving her. It's a very beautiful ballad full of emotion. 5/5

6. "La Mentira" [The Lie]- Definitely a single. It's the "Por una Mujer", the "No te cambio por Ninguna" of this album. Soaring upbeat song about an affair. It's funny because you find yourself singing about an affair, and you get to sympathize with the two liars. Great song. I would definitely makes this the second single (after the flop of "estoy perdido", "por una mujer" became a great hit so maybe he can take this as a lesson) 5/5

7. "Lágrimas del Mar"[Tears of the ocean]- Its a nice, cute ballad but its not something you'll remember from the album. It reminds me to "Me lo dice el Alma" from the previous album. I like it but it doen's move me that much. 3/5

8. Todo Vuelve a Empezar" [Everything restarts]- The duet with Laura Pausini has what Abrazar la Vida's "La fuerza de mi corazon" has: strong chorus, a lot of emotion. The bridge in the song is great specially the "yo no me marcho, tu no me dejas" (I'm not leaving, you're not leaving)Its a cry of two lovers that have pass thwough bad times but one to star all over again. It could be a single, it would be great to see a video. 5/5

9. "Persiguiendo el Paraíso" [Following Paradise]- Another upbeat song, very similar to "Para Mi: happy, perfect love...and probably inspired on his wife, Adamari Lopez. Its the only song that really feels inspired on her(since many of the songs talk about either affairs or lost love) Its a great song. It's the kind of song he would use to open a concert. 4/5

10. "Todo Lo que Tengo"[everything i have]- Sadly, this one doesn't work it for me. Its the only song on the album i feel it simply doesn't fit. The rhythm is not similar to Fonsi' sound. Its cute, but its not him. The only and big error of the production. 2/5

11. "Aqui Estoy Yo" [here i am]- The quartet of four nations united in one song. Beautiful, simple lyrics united with the voices of Aleks Syntek, David Bisbal, Noel (Sin Bandera) and, of course, Fonsi. It turns out to be one of those great songs on the album and its something unique, never heard. ITs a song dedicated to one special women, telling her he will be there, always. I specially love Bisbal's parts and my favorite part is when Fonsi says: "Le pido a Dios un toque de inspiración para poder decir lo que tu esperas oir de mi" (I ask God for a touch of inspiration so I can say what you're expecting to hear from me) I really want to see this quartet life. It would be fantastic. 5/5

12. "Tienes Razon" [You're right]- As Fonsi himself said, this is the "Se supone" of this album. The slow, "corta venas" song. The emotion heard in his voice is amazing and you really get into the story about this guy that is asking for forgiveness after he had an affair but ultimately understands her: "Si tu te vas, tienes razón" (If you leave, you're right). Great way to finish of the album. 5/5

For me, "Palabras del Silencio" is a better version of "Paso a Paso" covering all the things the latter didnt have (slow beautiful ballads: "Aunque estes con el", "Tienes RAzon") but also continuing the sound of the guitars although this one also uses the piano a few times. Beatiful album, his best. I definitely recommend it.

- Excellent

The product arrived on time and in perfect conditions. It was perfectly wrapped and it was exactly as it was advertised. Congratulations! I liked it very much!

- favorite album

i found this luis fonsi extremly talented and it is a great album all the songs are picked nicely and great i recommend it strongly

5 out of 5

(PR & USA)
- Mr. Fonsi................

Este muchacho lleno de un talento tan vendecido, nos trae una produccion bien madre donde todos sus temas aqui, estan echos con puro sentimiento y eso es algo incomparable en el!!!

- I love this CD!

I love luis fonsi!! and this is a great cd! i love every single song on his album. i usually never buy an album because i only like 1 or 2 songs from the artist, but i had 2 buy "palabras del silencio" YES, its really that good!

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