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Lil' Kim Album - Bella Mafia [Japan Bonus Track]

Album Information :
Title: Bella Mafia [Japan Bonus Track]
Release Date:
Genre:Hip-Hop/Rap, East Coast Rap, Mainstream Rap
Label:WEA Japan
Explicit Lyrics:Yes
Review :
After a couple low-profile years where it seemed like {$Lil' Kim} was fading away into the obscurity of {\rap} history, she returned in 2003 with a strong effort, {^La Bella Mafia}, that reestablished her as an industry icon. Her previous album, {^Notorious K.I.M}. (2000), had been somewhat of a disappointment relative to her smash debut, {^Hard Core} (1996). Where her debut had lived up to its title and presented her as a sexually charged gangstress -- {$the Notorious B.I.G.}'s right-hand woman and the (momentarily) undisputed queen of New York -- her follow-up made an ill-fated bid for {\pop} crossover success. Overseen by {$Puff Daddy} on the eve of his initial popular collapse, {^Notorious K.I.M}. was a mishmash collection of collaborations and overblown {$Biggie} odes that didn't resonate well with her fans, the {\pop} crowd, or critics. It's perhaps fitting then that on {^La Bella Mafia} {$Lil' Kim} returns to her sexually charged gangstress image, forgoing overt {\pop} concessions in favor of the sort of {\hardcore} motifs that had always been her stock-in-trade. While she plays up the gangstress image well, there's still plenty of commerciality going on here, as hitmakers like {$Timbaland}, {$Scott Storch}, {$Kanye West}, and {$Swizz Beatz} craft the beats while guests like {$50 Cent}, {$Missy Elliott}, {$Styles P}, and {$Twista} bring some additional flavor. This results in some edgy yet radio-ready tracks like {&"The Jump Off,"} {&"Magic Stick,"} and {&"(When Kim Say) Can You Hear Me Now?"} Elsewhere, there are some substantial album tracks that fill out the disc, particularly the emotive {&"Heavenly Father,"} the slow-jamming {&"Can't F**k with Queen Bee,"} and the {&"Guess Who's Back"}-esque {&"Came Back for You."} As with most {\rap} albums, {^La Bella Mafia} could use a little trimming, but it's a relatively solid album with quite a bit of lyrical substance to accompany the first-rate beatmaking. The Queen B has a lot to say here after her long sabbatical, and she's noticeably slowed down her flow, which brings her word choices to the fore. As a result of all this, {^La Bella Mafia} affirms {$Lil' Kim}'s briefly questionable status as a formidable female presence in a man's world and once again turns the often sexist mindset of {\rap} on its head in the process. [This Japanese release includes bonus material.] ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide
Track Listing :
1 Intro
3 Doing It Way Big
4 Can't F**k with Queen Bee
5 Hollyhood Skit
6 Shake Ya Bum Bum
7 This Is Who I Am
8 Jump Off
10 (When Kim Say) Can You Hear Me Now?
11 Thug Luv
13 Get in Touch with Us +Video
14 Heavenly Father
15 Tha Beehive
16 Came Back for You
17 What's the Word
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