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Ja Rule Album - R.U.L.E.

Ja Rule Album - R.U.L.E. (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: R.U.L.E.
Approx. Price:$10.99 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Label:Def Jam
Customers Rating :
Average (3.4) :(156 votes)
55 votes
39 votes
12 votes
14 votes
36 votes
Track Listing :
1 The Inc Intro
4 What's My Name
6 Stripping Game (Skit)
7 The Manual
9 R.U.L.E.
10 True Story (Skit)
14 Life Goes On
15 Weed (Skit)
16 Where I'm From
Review - Product Description :
The rapper responsible for the hits "Holla, Holla", "Between Me & You", & "I'm Real" feat. J-Lo returns with his sixth album. "I Wonder" the first single features none other than R. Kelly and Ashanti.
(Florida, ftlauderdale usa)
10 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
- No venni vetti vecci but still really good.

I dont know why everyone stopped likeing ja because of 50. Ja was flowing tighter than a 5 year old before 50 was even on the map. I like ja and 50, and i listen to both.Because one person dosent like another dosent mean everyone else needs to start talkin sh*t. So what if ja flows about p*ssy its because he gets it. So F*c* all you hater's, ja is still one of the dopest rappers to grace the industry.

26 of 33 people found the following review helpful:
- Keeps Getting Better And Better...

This is the best Cd that Ja Rule has come out with in his whole career. I noticed his growth within the lyrics of the songs.

I also noticed that he has turned to God, and talks about him more than he ever has on this CD.

The songs are HOT no doubt.

1.The INC Intro - (not rated)

2.Last of the Mohicans - 3/5

3.Wonderful - 4/5

4.What's My Name - 5/5 ( "J A R U L E" thats all i have to say about this one. its a hot track)

5.New York - 5/5 (Jadakiss and FatJoe really made this song hot, the 3 diffrent styles is what makes it so good)

6.Stripping Game (Skit)(not rated)

7.The Manual - 5/5 (this song has a catchy course that just make a person want to dance. the lyrics are good too)

8.Get It Started (feat) Claudette Ortiz 4/5

9.R.U.L.E. - 5/5 ("Nobody does it like me..." that is exactly true)

10.True Story (Skit) (not rated)

11.Caught Up - 5/5 (Lloyd and Alexi really lay it down on this track, makein the course catchy, combined with Ja's rapping style I can really see this being the next single)

12.Gun Talk 3/5

13.Never Thought 5/5 (This song feat. Ashanti. the lyrics are off the chains too)

14.Life Goes on 4/5 (kind of reminds me of R. Kellys song "I Wish" (remix))

15.Weed (Skit) 1:55 (not rated)

16.Where I'm from 5:11 - 5/5 (Lloyd and Ja is great together. I love the way Ja raps slow to the beat)

17.Bout My Business 3:38 - 2/5 (Black Child and Cadillac Tah really makes this song sound tacky, really tacky.)

18.Passion 8:37 - 10/5 (this has to be the best song on the CD. this song is very personal. I just cant explain the feeling I have when I listen to this song. the lyrics are too deep)

so if you are reading this and you are thinking about buying this CD, you really should. This wont be a waste of your money because its worth every cent. TRUST ME

Customer review
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
- 10 years later Ja is still makin hot tracks

Ja came back strong to bring us his 6th album. This is his best album since VVV. Its probably the most complete album he's made. It talks about what he's been through the past few years, has some club songs (though not very good), some gangsta tracks, etc..

2: Last of the Mohicans (9.5/10) - Great hard track. He sounds hungry again on this one. Basically telling us that he's here to stay.

3: Wonderful (9/10) - Wonderful song featuring Ashanti and R. Kelly.. i wish Ja rapped a little more on this one.

4: What's My Name (6/10) - This one sounds like its for the club but i'm not really feelin it.

5: New York (9/10) - 2nd Single.. Ja, fat joe and jadakiss reppin NY on this hot beat.

7: The Manual (8.5/10) - Thug luvin' at its finest.

8: Get It Started (4/10) - I think Ja should stop trying to make club songs. Worst song on the album... He shoulda replaced this for Too Long or Better Days, which didn't make it onto the album.

9: R.U.L.E. (7/10) - Decent beat and lyrics. Only 2 verses.

11: Caught Up (9/10) - His 3rd single featuring Lloyd.

12: Gun Talk (10/10) - Probably my favorite track on this album. Gotta love it when Ja spits fire. Black Child has a nice verse too. The chorus is stunning with him using 4 different guns.

13: Never Thought (9.5/10) - Perfect production... Great lyrics, great chorus. This could be his next single if he released it.

14: Life Goes On (10/10) - I just can't stop listening to it. Very catchy hook even though Ja is singing. Chink Santana made an awesome beat.

15: (Skit) - funny sh*t by Big Remo

16: Where I'm From (8/10) - Lloyd really shines on this one. Ja rappin about the hood.

17: Bout My business (8.5/10) - Gangsta sh*t. Features Black Child and Caddy. Ja has another great verse (who said he can't rap?)

18: Passion (8/10) - Best beat on the album. Too bad Ja SINGS bout what he's gone through the past few years. I like the shout outs at the end though. Could have been the perfect ending to his retirement album.

Hate him all you want but he still makes good music. I only skip 2 tracks out of 14 (excluding skits) when I listen to it. I'm looking foward to his next (last) album. Supposedly he will turn into "Loki" after that and release another album shortly after Ja's last. Keep ya head up Murder Inc. and keep bringing us the good music.

(Bronx, NY USA)
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- Jarule is the best

Fresh from his downfall ma man Ja has come to put it down for these clowns. I have every Ja album. I think this one is the 2nd best next to Rule 3:36.

My favorite tracks are:

1. Last of the Mohicans

2. New York, New York

3. Wonderful

4. The Manual

Look out for this guy at the Grammy awards. He is gonna tear the place down.


4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- damm good

i just gotta say that all songs are amazing

buy this cd its worth the value

best of ja

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