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Song Lyric «Haterade»

Uh, yo, yo, ay, yo
This one goes out to all, uh, my critics
Don't you feel stupid? Look how I did it
Look how it came to pass when I said it
We could do debit I don't need no credit

Yes, I'm epic look how I rep it
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It's been 8 years but I broke the record
Yup the record, yup the record
Yup the record, just for the record

Uh, I'm all that I can be
And element I'm appalled that you envy
'Cause you could do it too
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And you could do it too

I just happened to be the girl that they threw it to
So I'mma bounce back and I'mma ball out
And every time you see me, I'mma go all out
And I'mma win till it endin', don't be mad
When you see me transendin' Gucc

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