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George Strait Album - The Road Less Traveled

George Strait Album - The Road Less Traveled (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: The Road Less Traveled
Approx. Price:$13.98 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Label:Mca Nashville
Customers Rating :
Average (4.5) :(65 votes)
47 votes
12 votes
2 votes
2 votes
2 votes
Track Listing :
1 She'll Leave You With A Smile
4 Living And Living Well
5 The Real Thing
6 Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love
7 The Road Less Traveled
8 The Middle Of Nowhere
9 Good Time Charley's
10 My Life's Been Grand
Review - :
The sunset motif on the cover of George Strait's 28th MCA album since 1981 hints at a more private, thoughtful ambiance. This is reflected in the title song, the introspective "The Middle of Nowhere," and the contented (if bland) domesticity of "Living and Living Well." Strait adds a smoking revival of Chip Taylor's rockabilly homage "The Real Thing," though the convivial remake of Del Reeves's 1969 honky-tonk hit "Good Time Charley's" didn't need the annoying overdubbed barroom sounds. As always, letting Strait be Strait is the key. When that doesn't happen and unsuitable material enters the mix, things quickly falter, as they do on his tepid version of Rodney Crowell's "Stars on the Water" and the formulaic "Don't Tell Me You're Not in Love." On the power ballad "Run," Strait's loose-limbed vocal style slams head-on into a ponderous, synthesizer-heavy arrangement with disastrous results. A few more like the album's closer, a superb interpretation of Merle Haggard's blissful "My Life's Been Grand," would have helped. --Rich Kienzle
(United States Of America, San Antonio, Texas)
17 of 20 people found the following review helpful:
- "Run" to "The Road Less Traveled"

Materially "The Road Less Traveled" rates among George Strait's best albums. Strait truly is always never the same, each album is different. While this one is not 100% "Pure Country" for the traditional Country Music lovers such as myself - it is Pure STRAIT and so can't help but have a definite Country heart and appeal to some of the tracks such as the honkytonkin'"Good Time Charley's," and "The Real Thing" -- and ohh lawd I love what he does with his voice in that track!

"She'll Leave You With A Smile" while having the same title as a song previously recorded by George is not only different but wonderful!

The first single "Run" has me enthralled, this is the kind of song that you never get tired of hearing, you sing along, and it makes you want to get in that "Chevvy" and speed right to him! George's vocals are so smooth and so Texan, admittedly certain words really get to me.

"Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love" struck me personally and deeply the first time I heard it, and has me in tears every time. I can only sit here and shake my head in amazement at this man's talent.

I love all the tracks from "Out In The Middle Of Nowhere" to the well-written "Stars On The Water" to the "The Road Less Traveled" which is absolutely different and wonderfully Dean Dillon. Once again the combination of Strait and Dillon produce pure enjoyment. Dean knows how to tell a story, and George knows how to interpret the emotions.

My favorite of this album at this moment partly because I've seen George do this song in concert close-up and mostly because I know George is sending a message, making a statement, is "My Life's Been Grand." It gave the Hag chills when he heard it. Need I say more.

Vocally - and this is what rates this album as the best George has ever done in my opinion - there is only pure enjoyment in that buttah smooth baritone. Once again Mr. Strait shows why after twenty years he is still at the top of the charts. He is the Master of interpretation and vocalization, his heart is in the song, he carries you with him and always leaves you wanting more. This is George Strait at his finest... as of this year and month, for as fine wine he's only getting better with age. My heartfelt advice; George delivers, own this album and experience the Road Less Traveled.

(College Station, TX USA)
7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:
- George Strait takes The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled is a fitting title for George Strait's 28th album as he ventures in to uncharted territory. In his 28th album he portrays himself as a more contemporary artist and less country on several tracks. The first single "Run" is an interesting cut with less of a country feel than your typical George Strait music. "Stars On The Water," an old Rodney Crowell tune, continues the contemporary country feel by using special effects on George's voice in the likes of Kid Rock or Cher. The effects on his voice give an interesting twist to the song but leave the listener wondering if they are listening to country music. The fifth cut on this album, "The Real Thing," is an excellent song but lacks the edge, heart, and sould displayed in Rodney Hayden's version which was also produced by Tony Brown. The behind-the-scenes word is that Strait stole the song from Hayden's MCA demo that was cut last year. It seems strange that Strait would record "The Real Thing" since Hayden already has released it as a song and released his first album titled "The Real Thing". Regardless of where Strait got the song, it is probably the best track on the new album. George finishes off the album on a more country note in his final few tracks by cutting legendary Merle Haggard's "My Life's Been Grand" and Dean Dillon's "The Road Less Traveled." Overall, this is the best album George Strait has put out since "Pure Country" and I would recommend it to anyone. But beware George Strait fans....this isn't your typical George Strait album.

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
- A great return to form

George Strait set very high standards for himself with virtually every album he recorded between 1981 and 1994. Since then, although his popularity has continued to rise, his albums have been more uneven in terms of song quality. With this album, Strait is back at his very best, which guarantees a rock solid country album by a true legend. He experiments with his sound on Rodney Crowell's "Stars On The Water", complete with voice distortion. The singer of "All My Ex's Live In Texas" allowing voice distortion? Yes - and the results are superb, still unquestionably George Strait. His trademark honky tonk sound is represented by "Good Time Charley's" and "The Real Thing", while anyone who hears "Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love" on the way to work will be whistling it for the rest of the day - a very strong melody in the best Strait tradition of "Easy Come, Easy Go". The album finishes with a cover of Merle Haggard's "My Life's Been Grand" - so good it could have been on classic Strait albums such as "Beyond The Blue Neon", "Holding My Own" and "Livin' It Up". This album is as good as anything he has recorded in the past - the real thing, indeed.

Customer review
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
- strait to the heart

Some songs hear are excellent, and the others are plain good. The first goes for "She'll Leave You With A Smile", it's simply wonderful! And "Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love" is a song for all seasons, but in December it's really goes straight to the heart. This guys has it all, the voice, the tenderness and the guts to sing his heart out. Magnificent album!

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

For all you George Strait fans......this "ROAD LESS TRAVELED" is really his best.TRUBADOR is up there...but this is a work of cowboy genius.

Evidently, the "Road Less Traveled" was a famous self help book in the 60's used by rehab centers to treat AA.

This is the best place to start, if your new to the G.Strait world.

songs like RUN...STARS ON THE WATER...LIVING WELL were such huge mega-hits that for awhile we all thought he was going to waltz off with the whole world. THIS IS A SIX STAR RECORD.

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