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Disco de Garbage - Garbage

Disco de Garbage - Garbage (Anverso)
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Título: Garbage
Precio aprox.:$18.98 (USD)
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Tipo:Audio CD
Sello Discográfico:Almo Sounds
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Media (4.7) :(248 votos)
199 votos
39 votos
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Contenido :
9 Dog New Tricks
10 My Lover's Box
11 Fix Me Now
Análisis - Product Description :
12 tracks including ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS. Light scuffs on disc will not affect play. SM.
Análisis - :
Cool, calculating, and Euro-trashy in the grand tradition of Roxy Music and the Eurythmics. --Jeff Bateman
(Arlington, MA, USA)
38 personas de un total de 39 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- The classic debut

When one looks back at the alternative rock scene that dominated the first half of the 90s, Garbage's self-titled debut album immediately comes to mind as a defining album from that movement. A decade old as of this writing, "Garbage" (1995) has stood the test of time and not only contains some of the best singles from the 90s, but is a modern-day classic.

"Garbage" has many elements in its sound which can explain its broad appeal. The songs are so incredibly infectious and danceable, fans of dance-pop (Madonna, Janet Jackson) are sure to enjoy the album. But "Garbage" is undeniably a rock album, first and foremost. With crunching guitars, intense drumming, and a charismatic frontwoman, a more rock inclined audience is sure to dig "Garbage" as well. Garbage's music also encompasses an element of 70s/80s cool new-wave. In a sense, Garbage was like an updated version of Blondie for the 1990s, so fans yearning for a new Debbie Harry are sure to appreciate Garbage.

Another reason "Garbage" struck such a chord with the public is there really wasn't another band quite like them. There were bands that were precursors to Garbage, like Curve, and My Bloody Valentine, among others, but they didn't take off and explode as Garbage did, for whatever reason, probably due to marketing and timing. Garbage's debut came out at the perfect time. In an era of post-grunge, where many up-and-coming bands were clearly derivative of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Garbage's brand of rock/pop/retro offered a refreshing change of pace. While Garbage's cynical themes fit the disparaging alt. rock 90s like a glove, the lyrics are often tongue-in-cheek. In this sense, Garbage had the best of both worlds: cynical lyrics for cynical times, but with the playful, sexy trimmings of Blondie.

Because the musicians of Garbage, Butch Vig, (drums) Steve Marker, (guitar) and Duke Erickson, (guitar) were made up of first-rate producers, namely Butch Vig, they knew how to craft songs meticulously and methodically. They also happened to be great songwriters' to-boot. Great songwriters and producers' aside, the band still needed the perfect singer...enter Shirley Manson.

While working on songs for their new band, Vig, Marker, and Erickson spotted the Scotch-born Shirley Manson on MTV. At the time Manson was the lead singer for (the underrated) Angelfish. Knowing Manson would be the perfect singer, the band sent out the word and a short time later Manson joined the group, thus Garbage was born.

It's one thing to have great songs and producers, but the perfect singer is needed to put a face on the music and the image. Truth be told, Garbage without Manson would have been like Van Halen without David Lee Roth. Without Manson, Garbage most likely would have been a good, but untimely forgettable band, a footnote in the 90s. While the songs on "Garbage" are excellent, no doubt, it is Manson that truly makes them shine. Truly a gifted singer, she can change from sounding sensitive to indifferent, seductive to vengeful, passionate to passive, all in a single breath. While her beautiful voice can enchant, it can also scorn. Much like Nico before her, Manson is a true femme fatale. Manson proved to be very popular with males and females alike. Her self-confidence, integrity, and self-empowerment no doubt struck a chord with a female audience. Being extremely attractive, a femme fatale, a sort of black widow, was no doubt appealing to men.

Garbage's unique brand of electronic pop/rock is demonstrated immediately with the seductive "Supervixen." Manson sounds as though she gets sadistic pleasure as she plays with the listener, telling her audience to "bow down to me." The off-beat "Queer" is equally seductive, and quite mesmerizing, leaving a lasting impression. The album's massive hit, the super infectious "Only Happy When it Rains" is without doubt, one of the greatest rock songs from the 1990s. It both epitomizes and mocks the self-involvement and narcissism of generation X. If Manson had toyed with the listener up to this point, she now shows her teeth with the aggressive "as Heaven is Wide." With its almost Black Sabbath-like riff, with electronic trimmings, it makes for an intriguing and captivating listen. The good-but-not-great "Not my Idea" is cut from the same cloth and keeps up the momentum. The somewhat spacey, "Stroke of Luck" shows traces of both beauty and darkness, as Manson lets her guard down as she sings "did you know I was lost until you found me." One of the catchiest, most memorable songs on the album, the vindictive "Vow" is both unforgiving and seductive. An ode to female empowerment, Manson shows her contempt for the dimwitted in "Stupid Girl." The hard-rocking but danceable "Dog new Tricks" keeps the album moving along. "Garbage" saves some of its best songs for last and demonstrates its mastery of pop-craft with the lush "My Lovers Box," and "Fix Me." Like most Garbage albums, the self-titled debut ends on a morose note with the cheerless "Milk," which leaves a lasting feeling.

Ten years old, Garbage's self-titled debut album has aged well and sounds as good today as it did back in '95. "Garbage" stands as one of the finest albums from the 1990s and is an essential cornerstone to add to any modern rock collection. People unfamiliar with Garbage are best served starting off here with the self-titled debut. But Garbage is no one-album-wonder band, and people who like what they hear here are advised to buy "Version 2.0," (1998) "Beautiful Garbage," (2001) and "Bleed Like Me" (2005).

(Chicago, IL USA)
19 personas de un total de 20 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- One of the great alternative pop albums of our time

I came to this album only very late in the game, and I have to say: better late than never. I knew Garbage by reputation, a reputation that was strengthened when I agreed to take into my home two completely black cats, sisters named Tori (after Tori Amos) and Shirley (after Shirley Manson). Finally, to learn more about my kitty's namesake I gave this album a try, and I was absolutely shocked at how great it is.

The amazing thing about this album is that on the surface it is almost a punk album, with a tough exterior, hard driving rhythms, edgy production, and extraordinary arrangements. But somehow, partly because of the stunningly musical nature of each cut and partly because of the breathy, almost girlish quality of the vocals by my cat's namesake, the songs comes across as more pop than alternative.

There really isn't a bad cut on the album, and several of them are quite exceptional. The album begins on a strong note with the rasping, gritty "Supervixen" before moving into the spectacular "Queer, " which is one of the greatest songs on the album. It proceeds on to such marvelous pop masterpieces, as "I'm Only Happy When It Rains "and" Vow." Not all of the songs are as good as they appear to be. "Not My Idea" for instance is a decent song that is made memorable by stunning arrangement. The care and crafting that goes into every song is remarkable in this way.

I'm still not certain that I would have been inspired to name my cat after Shirley Manson had I gotten her as a kitten, but I am now definitely a fan of the band. This is one those discs that is going to spin significant time in the future in my CD player.

9 personas de un total de 9 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:

How does a young man who went through high school listening to nothing but Ice Cube, Too Short, Dr. Dre, NWA, House of Pain, Cypress Hill, Run DMC, Ant Banks, Spice 1, Digital Underground and countless other rap acts graduate from high school and upon entering his second year in college all of sudden fall in love with a band from Wisconsin consisting of three producer geeks in their forties and one fire headed female singer from Scotland? Easy...they're that damn good. I remember hearing the single "Only Happy When it Rains" in 1996, seeing the video and feeling like I was witnessing something very special. I had already been turned on by many other alternative bands before them...most notably Beck and Weezer, but here was something completely different and new. Isn't that such a blessing in rock music? Different and new? That's just what Garbage was. I went out and bought the single to "Rains" and there were two bonus tracks on there..."Girl Don't Come" and "Sleep". These two songs were just amazing, they blended hip hop beats, melancholy melodies and the haunting but lovely crooning of Shirley Manson. I thought, if these two songs are this good and were left off the album...the album must be pretty decent. I was hooked...I went out and bought this album just as I was leaving my Uncle's house for a six hour trip back home. I listened to this album again and again and again the entire trip on my walkman. I remember by the time I got to the last song, "MILK", I was on an emotional rollercoaster...never had an album done this to me. It seemed like every song on there was a gift. There's just something about this genius that is Butch Vig and coupled with the vocals of the scary, beautiful, sad, attacking, haunting Manson...they were just able to create something so fresh. I'm telling this album and really listen to it. It is one of the best albums of the 1990s without a belongs up there with "Odelay", "OK Computer", "Nevermind", "Siamese Dream" and "The Chronic".

TRACK #1: "SUPERVIXEN" Up beat, whineing guitars that pause, noise but soft vocals by Shirley.

TRACK #2: "QUEER" Their first hit single...this song feels very European, French, trashy, seductive...jazzy. A song inspired by a newspaper article Vig read about a man who paid a prostitute to sleep with his son. Shirley is super sexy on the vocals..teasing us..."You can touch me."

TRACK #3: "ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS" The song that made me fall in lvoe with them. Fast, catchy, heavy, unique. A shot at bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam for acting like being a rock star is so terrible that we can only sing sad songs all the time. Shirley shows she is a unique singer in a business where most women sing the same.

TRACK #4: "AS HEAVEN IS WIDE" A heavy, eerie song that is just a driving force with attacking lyrics that can scare you stiff. A fearless long.

TRACK #5: "NOT MY IDEA" A more up beat, do-do-do song with a wolf in sheeps clothing message. Shirley shows us she's not a little girl, she's dangerous.

TRACK #6: "A STROKE OF LUCK" Probably the most haunting song they've ever done. Dark, gothic, cold but beautiful. One of my favorites of the non singles.

TRACK #7: "VOW" Their first single, a lot of effects, hard rockin'...Shirley Manson had arrived!

TRACK #8: "STUPID GIRL" They're biggest hit to date. With the beat from The Clash's "Train in Vain" this was the most catchy song on the album and caught on quickly with the majority. Very fashion show, elegant maybe.

TRACK #9: "DOG NEW TRICKS" My least favorite on the just never grabbed me like the others, but still a decent track.

TRACK #10: "MY LOVER'S BOX" Another sad love song, haunting, heartbreaking. Shirley makes you fall in love with her.

TRACK #11: "FIX ME NOW" The song that grew on me over time.

TRACK #12: "MILK" My favorite song of theirs from the first listening to today. This song is so emotional it nearly made me cry after first hearing it. Shirley pouring her heart out, wanting to be loved by anyone. It's such a sad, melodic song with lyrics to cut. Also Shirley's personal favorite song of the album.

If you're going to get this album...get the Japanese import. It has two bonus tracks on it...their first song ever "Subhuman" which is very raw, ugly, dirty and intriguing and one of my all-time favorites..."#1 Crush"...seductive, sexy, making love with Shirely through the stereo.

Garbage is one of the best bands of our generation and deserve more respect than they've been given...writing this four days before the release of their fourth album "Bleed Like Me"...let's hope the album takes the world by the b**ls!

(Ontario, California)
39 personas de un total de 50 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Garbage's First Album!

It's hard to believe that I've been a fan of Garbage since 1995 and that I'm only eighteen years old but it's true! This was actually the first CD I ever purchased and I played it non-stop for about a year. I just refused to listen to anything else because I was so taken by their guitar and keyboarding sound with loop-filled electronic rock that's experimental yet gritty.

I remember seeing the video for "Queer" with Shirley Manson walking around the streets with her hands beckoning the camera to follow. I was completely captivated, to say the least, for I had never seen anything quite like it before. I also think that this album helped me deal with my parents moving me around so much in such an early stage in my life. It was getting to the point of me finding it useless in making any friends. I strongly believe that this album helped me deal with a lonely time in my life.

I actually saw them live for [a] second time ... and it was really amazing. When they performed the silky ballad "Milk" it reminded me of this album and how much it meant to me. It seems that I'm always listening to VERSION 2.0 (which is my favorite album by them) or BEAUTIFULGARBAGE (because it's their newest). Either way, each individual album is an absolute pleasure to listen to. Garbage's unique style of postmodern technopop with dark, angst-laden lyrics will appeal to alternative, punk-rock, and even techno/electronic fans. They were the groundbreaking artists of their time and I truly believe that they are going to be creating great music for years to come.

(Mission, TX USA)
7 personas de un total de 7 encontraron útil la siguiente opinión:
- Great heaps of "Garbage"

To talk about the debut album by Garbage for me is like talking about making a startling discovery. After hearing "Vow" many times before it's release (a personal favorite in my computer's MP3 jukebox), I remember picking up the album the day it arrived in my local record shop, not sure what I got my hands on. Six years (!) later, it still has a nice, clean spot in my CD collection. It's always a thrill to hear this album, especially seeing how the landscape of music has changed since it came out. I still get chills when listening to "A Stroke Of Luck" (one song I really hoped to hear live when I saw them on tour some time back), and trip back with "Stupid Girl", Supervixen", "Only Happy When It Rains", and "Milk" (a great album closer). This is definitely a great debut album if there ever was one, and was worth the full price I paid for it in the end.

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