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List of Enya albums

Enya Album - The Very Best Of Enya (CD/DVD)

Enya Album - The Very Best Of Enya (CD/DVD) (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: The Very Best Of Enya (CD/DVD)
Approx. Price:$27.98 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Label:Warner Bros.
Customers Rating :
Average (4.6) :(132 votes)
101 votes
15 votes
8 votes
5 votes
3 votes
Track Listing :
1 - 1
1 - 2
1 - 3
1 - 4
1 - 5
1 - 6
1 - 7
1 - 8
1 - 9
1 - 10
1 - 11 Flora's Secret
1 - 12 Fallen Embers
1 - 13
1 - 14
1 - 15
1 - 16
1 - 17
1 - 18
1 - 19
1 - 20
1 - 21
1 - 22 Aniron
2 - 1 Orinoco Flow (DVD)
2 - 2 Caribbean Blue (DVD)
2 - 3 Only Time (DVD)
2 - 4 The Celts (DVD)
2 - 5 Amarantine (DVD)
2 - 6 Trains And Winter Rains (DVD)
2 - 7 Evening Falls (DVD)
2 - 8 Anywhere Is (DVD)
2 - 9 It's In The Rain (DVD)
2 - 10 Wild Child (DVD)
2 - 11 Only If (DVD)
2 - 12 Storms In Africa (DVD)
2 - 13 On My Way Home (DVD)
Review - Product Description :
The Very Best Of CD/DVD package features the most comprehensive Enya DVD to date, encompassing thirteen videos as well as interview and behind the scenes footage. It also includes two 'making of' mini-documentaries examining the creation of the 'Caribbean Blue' and 'Only Time' videos. Enya's elusive combination of classical inspiration, Celtic atmosphere and pop sensibility is evident throughout 'The Very Best Of' as it revisits some of the most exemplary moments from an astonishing career. From her world-conquering international breakthrough 'Orinoco Flow' to the sad serenity of 'Only Time' that was adopted as a comforting anthem of hope in the face of 9/11, 'The Very Best Of' captures Enya's most beautiful work to date.
(North Texas United States)
116 of 122 people found the following review helpful:
- Note: Different CD Track Listings on CD and CD/DVD Editions

Both the jewel-box CD Edition and the hard-cover book-bound CD/DVD Editions have a previously unreleased version

of "Aniron" from "The Lord Of The Rings". The soundtrack CD had a version just over 2 minutes, and this new collection has

a recording that is about 30 seconds longer and has more of a familiar Enya studio-sound, as opposed to pure orchestral.

In the liner notes, Enya refers to it has the "previously unavailable full version". "Aniron" had never been on an

Enya album in any form.

Both editions share many of her popular hits, but there are major differences in the tracks included,

with the CD having 19 songs, and the CD on the CD/DVD edition having 22, many of them different.

Included on the regular CD, but missing from the CD portion of the CD/DVD version:

Storms In Africa, Book Of Days, The Celts, Water Shows The Hidden Heart, Cursum Perficio, Aldebaran,

A Day Without Rain, and Oiche Chiuin (Chorale).

(2 of those - The Celts and Storms In Africa - do appear in video form on the DVD)

In their place on the CD portion of the CD/DVD are 11 songs that are not on the regular CD edition,

including the beautiful Stars And Midnight Blue, Drifting, Fallen Embers, and Athair Ar Neamh.

So the 2 sets are very different in the audio portion, with the regular jewel-box CD edition

being more of a concise "greatest hits", and the CD/DVD being more in depth and featuring some less familiar

tracks along with most of the hits. The order in which the songs are presented is also completely different,

with the CD/DVD edition audio being mostly in reverse chronological order, and the CD edition being somewhat random.

The CD/DVD Edition is the very first release on DVD (in the USA) of most of Enya's videos.

The DVD also includes the documentary "Enya: A Life In Music", and "Making Of" specials about 2 of her videos,

Caribbean Blue and Only Time.

The CD/DVD packaging is excellent; a hard-cover book filled with both familiar and new photos of Enya, notes

by Enya, Roma Ryan, and Nicky Ryan, and pockets to hold the CD and DVD, housed in a glossy slipcase.

One surprising omission (from both the CD and CD/DVD versions) is the hit "Only If..."

from the CD "Paint The Sky With Stars - The Best Of Enya" (1997), which is now out-of-print in the USA.

It was also missing from the "Enya Collection" box set in 2002.

It does appear, however, in video form on the DVD.

In either edition, this is an excellent overview of Enya's incredible music to date.

21 of 22 people found the following review helpful:
- Celebrating Enya's landmark career

"The Very Best of Enya" is finally issued in its physical formats. The Irish chanteuse, (whose creative work demonstrates sensitivity and imagination) celebrates her landmark career with 22 of her industry-changing classics. Although a collection of hit's, it is the strongest batch of songs and entrancing music videos assembled to date for the artist. "The Very Best of Enya" has already gone Gold!

All vocals and instrumentation performed by Enya, Arranged by Enya and Nicky Ryan, Engineered and mixed by Nicky Ryan, Lyrics by Roma Ryan, Recorded at Aigle studio. Includes 3 documentaries beginning with "Enya: A Life in Music", "The Making of Caribbean Blue", and "The Making of Only Time" in addition to 13 exquisite music videos.

Excellent design and art direction by Peacock. I love that Enya was photographed as The Poppy of Remembrance - it is perfection.

12 of 14 people found the following review helpful:
- Enya's Very Best, Indeed

This is an unbelievable collection of Enya's best of the best, 22 of them, which I hear she hand picked! Plus there's a DVD with 13 videos and documentaries. That's a whole lot of material for a very reasonable price. Are you aware that Enya is one of the best selling female artists in the US? She has sold over 70 million CDs!! Amazing! This album comes in a standard CD, also at a very reasonable price.

It just doesn't get any better than this! And wait until you see the cover! It is so gorgeous, like a Georgia O'Keefe flower, with Enya as the center! Stunningly beautiful! If you're an Enya fan, you've GOT to own this! And if you're new to Enya, what better way to hear and see all of her very best! A great introduction to a world renowned artist.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
- beautiful...

This is my first experience with Enya, although I had heard the track "Only Time" before and loved it but didn't know who it was. I am entranced by the music, the lyrics, the vocals, all of it. My favorite track is "Water Shows the Hidden Heart".

I am very happy to have made acquaintance with this beautiful music.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- Enya ... The Very Best of ...

This is an excellent addition to any fan of Enya. Twenty-two wonderful selections along with 13 videos. There are a few songs I would have liked to see included with the others, but it's a tremendous package. Enjoy!

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