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Enrique Iglesias Album - Enrique Iglesias - Escape - [CD]

Enrique Iglesias Album - Enrique Iglesias - Escape - [CD] (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: Enrique Iglesias - Escape - [CD]
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Type:Audio CD
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INTERSCOPE, 493182, 14 Track
14 of 14 people found the following review helpful:
- ESCAPE into Enrique's crazy love world

Enrique returns with his sophmore effort ESCAPE. After a 2 year break and the muli-platinum sucess of his english debut album ENRIQUE, he kicks it up a notch. This album is awesome. It's upbeat, dancy vibe draws you in with one listen. ESCAPE is dance/pop bliss with touches of electronica. On the lyrics side of things, Enrique presents himself as the shy, submissive, and sometimes dominant singer that he is. On ESCAPE he likes lusty women that take control on songs like "one night stand", "she be the one." The slight S&M themed "love to see you cry" in which he states, "I don't know why/but I love to see you cry" and "the sweetest pleasure is pain". In "escape" he chants "you can run/you can hide/but you can't escape my love." Besides all of that playfulness, ESCAPE offers some tender moments as well. Tracks like the hit "hero" and "maybe" are beautifully done. Enrique has an intimate, sometimes off-key voice through out ESCAPE. His vocals are strong and clear and his accent adds sort of an akward, destinct quality to each track. ESCAPE is pure fun.

(Washington, DC, USA)
23 of 26 people found the following review helpful:
- I think this is the best CD I own!!!!

I was never really that interested in Enrique Iglesias (though my aunt loves Julio, Enrique's father) until I bought it for less than a nickel (a music store was going out of business)! After about 3 weeks of not touching it, I finally decided to give it a try while cleaning up my room. I fell in love with the CD afterwards. Enrique is very talented and writes all his songs!! And I say this is the best CD because it's not like my other favorites where there are a lot of songs I like on the CD and then there are those that I don't. On this CD I don't have to skip tracks 'cause I love them all!!

1. Escape - 5/5 Extremely catchy! Very good song! Great song to start off with

2. Don't Turn Off the Lights - 4/5 Not as good as the first track

3. Love To See You Cry - 3.5/5 Lyrics sound creepy. OK

4. Hero - 5/5 Great song, very heartwarming. Hit single.

5. I Will Survive - 3/5 At first I thought it was Gloria Gaynor's song, but it's not. OK

6. Love 4 Fun - 4/5 Upbeat. Very good song to make up your dance grooves to

7. Maybe - 10/5 The BEST song on the album! When I first listened to this song, I felt like I knew all the words!! I was singing along with him and didn't care that I was making up the lyrics! Very very catchy!!

8. One Night Stand - 4.5/5 Great. This is the name of his tour

9. She Be The One - 3/5 Not the best on the album. Bearable

10. If the World Crashes - 7/5 Second best on album (can ya tell?) It's really easy to fall into his mood and sing along. Great song

11. Escape (Spanish) - 4/5 I don't understand what he's saying but it still sounds sexy!!!

12. Don't Turn Off the Lights (Spanish) - see above

13. Hero (Spanish) - see above

***As always, I suggest you listen to the track samples before buying CD's and then being disappointed. Though you won't be with this one! :)

13 of 15 people found the following review helpful:
- Some good tracks, but not super.

Let's examine 'Escape', track by track.

1. Escape (8/10) Great way to start off the album. Nice, fresh, dance track. I love the beat, and that "yoku ooooOoooo" towards the end is brilliant and catchy.

2. Don't Turn Off the Lights (4/10) I was really disappointed with this track. It's just not Enrique caliber. Sounds like a combination of Nelly (the rapper) & Nelly (Furtado).

3. Love To See You Cry (6/10) I like the guitar acoustics. This song sounds a bit like Modjo's "Lady", which is ok. I like this song, smooth, relaxing, love, dance, song. Catchy lyrics.

4. Hero (7/10) I didn't REALLY love this song, although it was such a huge success. Yes, it is catchy, and a beautiful song, but Enrique isn't the best ballad singer.

5. I Will Survive (8/10) Brilliant melody. Violin and piano mixes well. But it seems like it's missing something. Not sure what, though. Maybe a heavy beat like 'Escape'?

6. Love 4 Fun (7/10) The opening sound gives you an 80's feel. Then a 'never heard before' beat comes in. I like this song. Guilty feeling. The trumpets work well here, too, along with the guitar.

7. Maybe (8/10) Beautiful piano opening. Very catchy song. I like it.

8. One Night Stand (6/10) Your regular club hit. This song is ok. I don't LOVE it, but it's fairly catchy. Has the Cher 'Believe' sound.

9. She Be The One (9/10) This track is amazing. I love it. Of course, the title is grammatically incorrect, but whatever. It's extremely catchy, and I love it. The beat, guitar, it's all good.

10. If the World Crashes (8/10) VERY catchy chorus. I like this song as well. "if the world crashes down.... over me...!!" Nice melody.

11. Escape (Spanish) Nice to have this in Spanish.

I'm sure Enrique did not produce this album to change the face of music. He just created something for us to have fun with, and I think he accomplished that. Overall rating of "Escape" 7/10

(Tampa, FL USA)
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
- I Don't Know Why Why... But I Love To See You Cry...

Gosh! I love this album! The BEST CD I have ever listen to. Very good music. If you ask what's my favorite song would be and I would pick "Love To See You Cry" because it is very touchful feeling and very beautiful background of music and good beats and very heavy bass. Perfect words in it. Your the BEST Enrique. I vote you a 5 stars! - Tyson Love from Robesonia, PA USA

(Minneapolis, MN)
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
- Pure guilty pleasure

I really don't want to like this guy but I do. His music is extremely catchy, unfortunately his lyrics are pretty cliched and often stupid at times like "I Will Survive" (cliched) and "Love 4 Fun" (downright stupid). Enrique is certainly no Shakespeare by any means but he puts out some of the catchiest pop songs I have ever heard like the title track and "One Night Stand". In my corner of the world, pop music has just as much of a place in music as say music by Radiohead and PJ Harvey do. The only difference is that I don't take Enrique's music as seriously as I would with Radiohead and PJ Harvey. "Escape" is a pure pop pleasure for the ears. The infectious melodies don't ever leave a person's head after listening to this cd. My personal favorite tracks are "Escape", "One Night Stand", "If the World Crashes Down", and "Love 4 Fun" (as corny as the lyrics and title are). If anything, "Escape" is a perfect antidote to what ails society and distracts the listener from the ugliness of reality.

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