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Enrique Iglesias Album - Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias Album - Enrique Iglesias (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: Enrique Iglesias
Approx. Price:$5.98 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Label:Universal Latino
Customers Rating :
Average (3.9) :(41 votes)
24 votes
3 votes
6 votes
1 votes
7 votes
Track Listing :
4 Si Ti Te Vas
9 Muneca Cruel
10 Inventame
Review - Product Description :
Review - :
Light rock tunes and soft pop ballads marked Enrique Iglesias's 1995 debut, but what obviously propelled him to the top of the charts was his young good looks and his pedigree, son of perhaps the most famous troubadour in the music world--Julio Iglesias. "Trapecista" and "Experiencia Religiosa" were solid tunes with catchy hooks. And even on the simple tune "Por Amarte," one can detect Iglesias exploring wailful tones and learning the power of melodic phrasing. In "Si Tu Te Vas," he examines idealistic love, while "Inalcansable" captures youthful dreams. Those songs are the bright spots in an otherwise pedestrian pop-ballad CD. The fact that Iglesias scored five consecutive number one singles on Billboard from this CD may attest more to the power of the elder Iglesias's worldwide fans. --Ramiro Burr
Customer review
9 of 10 people found the following review helpful:
- ENRIQUE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enrique is simply the best! He is even better than Ricky Martin, and anyone else, and I give him five stars just because I can't give him more, but if I could I would give him billions of them or all of the stars in the universe! I have all of his albums and I think they are great! I never heard such a good collection of CDS as these! I recomend you all to buy them all, 'cause they are FANTASTIC!!! I love them! I just listen to them every day! I heard some others, but they just can't be compared to Enrique, 'cause HE IS THE BEST! Buy them you all, 'cause the price is cheap compared to the quality of these CDS, and if you haven't gone to any of his concerts you better go cause is just the best of all the greatest experiences that you could ever get! Best songs: Bailamos, Cosas del amor, Miente, Ruleta Rusa, Muneca Cruel, Sirena,Experiencia Religiosa, Contigo, only you (bilingual version), Vivir y Por Amarte. I recomend you to listen to those songs cause they are just the best of all. For more info abut him VIVA ENRIQUE IGLESIAS! BAILAMOS!!!

(Arlington TX USA)
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
- Sexy man, sexy music

I live in America and I have never heard the father sing, so it is very annoying when italians say he is popular because of his father. He posses one of the sexiest voice alive. When you listen to his music, it's like having a slow and pleasurable orgasmic experience. Plus he dances so well. He is a great artist and am looking forward to another release from him.

Customer review
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
- This is his first album and it won him a GRAMMY.

Listen to this beautiful CD and you'll understand why he won a Grammy. From the first song, "No Llores Por Mi", to the last one "Inventame", you are taken on a journey of some of the most beautifully written music ever.

This album is superior because it shows Enrique's talent as a lyricist and musician (he wrote 50% of the album) and because of the way his voice sounds. Especially in "Trapecista", "Por Amarte", and "Si Tu Te Vas" - his sexy voice is MADE for these songs.

All of his hits are on this CD, but my ALL-TIME favorite is "Experiencia Religiosa." All I can say is - when you hear it - you'll have a religious experience yourself! Tanta passion!

(London GB)
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
- Enrique's First Ever Album

Enrique Iglesias's first album was recorded with Fonovisa Records in 1995. He went to Toronto, Canada to record it as he didn't want his famous father Julio to know he was seeking a career as a Recording Artist.

Because it's Enriques First C.D. his voice does not seem perfect, hes never been a great Vocalist, but I think this Album is one of his best. I'm surprised how much I overlooked it, preffering instead to listen to his English Records...But sometimes when I go back and listen to this Album I am captured by how many beautiful songs there are on here. It always lifts my mood, and cheers me up, to hear this Music, and see where Enrique bagan in his career...Even though i don't understand spanish. I Still enjoy listening to this C.D.

My Favourite songs are "Si Tu Te Vas", "Menunca Cruel", "No Lores Por Mi" "Falta Tanto Amor","Inalcanzable" "Por Amarte", and " Experience Religiosa".

Fans Of Enrique's English language Albums like "Escape" and "Insomniac" shouldn't hesitate to listen to his older Spanish work. They won't be dissapointed. All in all A Great C.D.

(Whitesboro, NY United States)
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
- Enrique Iglesias, A wonderful Artist.

A first cd by the great international artist Enrique Iglesias. A collection of beautiful love ballads. A very talented Enrique, writes a lot of his material also. A lovely tune, POR AMARTE and EXPERIENCA RELIGIOSA will keep you playing this cd. Thers not a bad song on the cd. A relaxing INALCANZABLE and the bouncy INVENTAME are a mark set by him when this cd was new. If you are just getting into the music of Enrique, you will want to add this first cd to your collection. I still play mine.

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