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Disco de Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac

Disco de Enrique Iglesias - Insomniac
Información del disco :
Título: Insomniac
Fecha de Publicación:
Género:Latin, Pop, Soft Pop
Sello Discográfico:Universal Music International
Letras Explícitas:No
Análisis :
Insomniacs, of course, can't sleep, so they stay up all night -- and who better to provide a soundtrack to sleepless nights than {$Enrique Iglesias}, the heir to the {\Latin} loverman throne that his father {$Julio} claimed in the '80s. Unlike his dad, {$Enrique} became a global superstar at a relatively young age, and he also came of age in an era that's decidedly flashier than {$Julio}'s, so even if he shared a taste for corny romantic {\ballads} with his father, he had a far hipper persona than his dad, and nowhere is that more evident than on 2007's {^Insomniac}, his fourth English-language album and first to really be pushed to a younger audience. Sure, there's a surplus of slow-burning romantic {\ballads}, but {^Insomniac} also has a stylish shimmer designed for clubs and even those slow tunes can get down and dirty, as on {&"On Top of You,"} which is every bit the sub-{$R. Kelly} bump-n-grind the title indicates. But {$Enrique} is too much of a crossover guy to spend the entire album doing the nasty -- he's sharp enough to spend just enough time to give the impression that {^Insomniac} leans toward that sleek, sexy club sound, but loads up the rest of the record with songs that can fit into smooth {\pop} radio stations the world over. Sometimes, he pushes too hard in either direction -- complete with a {$Lil Wayne} cameo, the dirty-dancing anthem {&"Push"} (as in "push push/back upon it/don't stop until the morning") tries way too hard and has the opposite effect as intended, while some {\ballads} drown in syrup -- but sometimes {$Iglesias} strikes the right balance between crossover {\pop} and stylish retro-{\new wave} production, as on {&"Stay in Tonight,"} a tune that's sleek and propulsive but not edgy, a tune that could have fit into {\adult contemporary pop} radio at any time since the late '80s, and {$Sean Garrett}'s production on {&"Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)"} is the inverse, sounding tailor-made for the moment of its release. Both are similar in one regard: they're the kind of song that works for {$Enrique} because it glides by on its sound and doesn't rely on him to do the heavy lifting, either as a singer or a seducer. But what works on this slick, snazzy makeover is what always works for him: the {\ballads} and the middle-of-the-road {\pop} tunes. They may not be hip, but they're part of the family tradition, and when he sticks to them, he's as good as ever. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
Contenido :
4 Somebody's Me
7 Miss You
12 Don't You Forget About Me
15 Amigo Vulnerable
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