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Track:Startin' Tonight

Song Lyric «Startin' Tonight»

Michigan state, comity
Harvard university
Vasser, Wilbur, Smith and Brown
Shakin' up this here town tonight

Startin' tonight
Have a ball do it all
Startin' tonight

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Grab your partner by the hand
Spread a blanket on the sand
Three a.m. go for a swim
Clothes and all jump right in tonight

Startin' tonight
Let out the stops, call the cops
It's all right

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'Course when the cops have come and gone
You'll just keep carrying on
Don't you worry if you land in jail
We'll forward your mail if you can't make bail

Tonight, startin' tonight
Have a ball do it all startin' tonight
Anything goes, everything goes
Startin' tonight
Startin' tonight

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