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Dwele Album - Some Kinda... [Bonus Track]

Dwele Album - Some Kinda... [Bonus Track]
Album Information :
Title: Some Kinda... [Bonus Track]
Release Date:
Genre:Neo Soul, Adult R&B, Men of R&B
Label:Toshiba EMI
Explicit Lyrics:Yes
Review :
{^Subject} went over well with {\R&B} lovers who prefer the legacies of fully clothed '70s {\soul} over, say, bare-chested {$Usherites}. It didn't do nearly as well commercially as it deserved, peaking somewhere in the hundreds of the {~Billboard} 200 chart and spawning only a pair of singles that didn't even skip far up the R&B/Hip-Hop chart. That hasn't affected {$Dwele} in the least, thankfully, as {^Some Kinda...} contains no stabs at crossing over, not a single shot at appealing to a younger audience that relates more to raging hormones and rampant hedonism. (This is an album with a guest appearance from {$Boney James}, a white saxophone player with a fan base heavy on 40-something black women, rather than a {$Juelz Santana} or even a {$Kanye West}.) {^Some Kinda...} is a little less commercial, more relaxed, and more spacious than the debut, though not short on attractive and addictive songs. Like {$Tweet}'s {^It's Me Again}, released earlier in the year, the album has lengthy patches of slow and mid-tempo material, but they rarely risk slipping into the background. At nearly an hour in length, the album would be tighter and more immediate with some trimming, but {$Dwele}'s chops as a songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer are always in effect. He also smartly stitches the songs together with a series of thematic interludes/skits that don't annoy, just so the album doesn't come off like a bunch of songs haphazardly splashed onto a disc. Crews like {$Sa-Ra} and {$Platinum Pied Pipers} might be taking {\R&B} into often-thrilling levels of doped-out abstraction, and fellow do-it-all studio rat {$Raphael Saadiq} might be waving the flag for "tasteful {\soul}" (despite also operating on the fringes), but {$Dwele} is the ideal middle ground between the two camps, matching swirling, buttery productions with often-masterful songwriting. Even {$Mike City}'s work on {&"I Think I Love You,"} the song closest to resembling a conscious bid for chart action, fails to one-up the all-{$Dwele} songs. [A Japanese version added a bonus track.] ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide
Track Listing :
1 *
2 Pimp's Dream
4 *
10 Continuation
11 Keep on Feat. Slum Village
12 Some Kinda Prelude (...and So It Is) Ft. Poppa Yo (Mr. Weary)
13 Some Kinda... Ft. Antwan Gardner
14 Wake the Baby Ft . Boney James
16 Love Ultra [Bonus Tracks for Japan]
17 Fact Is [Bonus Tracks for Japan]
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