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The Cure is a legendary and influential alternative rock band which formed during the era of the 1970s in Crawley, England. The band started playing together in 1976 while Robert Smith and Laurence Tolhurst were still in secondary school. It remains one of the most enduring bands of the last thirty years; as proven by receiving the 'Godlike Geniuses' award at the Shockwaves NME Awards in February, 2009.

The Cure Free MIDI Files

Free MIDI file of song «Closedown» by The Cure

Duration File size MIDI format General MIDI Karaoke Sequenced by
07:51 28640 1 YES NO Dave Cohen
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MIDI Channel Track Name Instruments
1 Bicked Pass
(23 %) Picked Bass
2 stringies
(6 %) String Ensemble
3 synthmaphones
(14 %) Synth Strings 1
4 closedown-from disintegration
(10 %) Steel-String Guitar
5 by the cure and
(7 %) Jazz Guitar
6 robert smith
(2 %) Acoustic Grand Piano
(31 %) Drums
(6 %) Clean Electric Guitar

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