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Cream Album - I Feel Free: Ultimate Cream

Cream Album - I Feel Free: Ultimate Cream (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: I Feel Free: Ultimate Cream
Approx. Price:$61.99 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Label:Universal Import
Track Listing :
2 N.S.U.
4 I'm So Glad
9 Swalbr
10 We're Going Wrong
21 N.S.U. (Live At Winterland)
22 Sleepy Time Time (Live At Winterland)
23 Rollin' & Tumblin' (Live At Fillmore West)
24 Spoonful (Live At Winterland)
25 Crossroads (Live At Winterland)
26 Sunshine Of Your Love (Live At Winterland)
27 I'm So Glad (Live At The Forum)
28 Sweet Wine (Bbc Sessions)
29 Eric Clapton Interview 1
30 Wrapping Paper (Bbc Sessions)
31 Rollin' & Tumblin' (Bbc Sessions)
32 Steppin' Out (Bbc Sessions)
33 Crossroads (Bbc Sessions)
34 Cat's Squirrel (Bbc Sessions)
35 Traintime (Bbc Sessions)
36 I'm So Glad (Bbc Sessions)
37 Lawdy Mama (Bbc Sessions)
38 Eric Clapton Interview 2
39 I Feel Free (Bbc Sessions)
40 N.S.U. (Bbc Sessions)
41 Four Until Late (Bbc Sessions)
42 Strange Brew (Bbc Sessions)
43 Eric Clapton Interview 3
44 Tales Of Brave Ulysses (Bbc Sessions)
45 We're Going Wrong (Bbc Sessions)
46 Eric Clapton Interview 4
47 Born Under A Bad Sign (Bbc Sessions)
48 Outside Woman Blues (Bbc Sessions)
49 Take It Back (Bbc Sessions)
50 Sunshine Of Your Love (Bbc Sessions)
51 Politician (Bbc Sessions)
52 Swlabr (Bbc Sessions)
53 Steppin' Out (Bbc Sessions)
Review - Product Description :
Digitally Remastered Anthology of Rock's First Power Trio and the Group that Launched the Name of Eric Clapton Out of the Studios and Distinguished Him Among the General Public. This Career-spanning Collection Spotlights Both Sides of the Cream Catalogue, the Wildly Experimental Studio Outfit and the Stripped Down Live Trio, Combining Remastered Studio Classics Along with Eight Historic Live Performances. This Set is in a Limited Deluxe Triple CD Only Box, (However all of These Tracks Are Available in the Us on "Gold" and "Bbc Sessions" Releases) with Unique UK Only Packaging.
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- Awesome!

What can one say?

It's Cream - pure, unadulterated non-skim, high order cholesterol for your brain cells.

Drink up.

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