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Carl Thomas Album - Let's Talk About It [Bonus Track]

Carl Thomas Album - Let's Talk About It [Bonus Track]
Album Information :
Title: Let's Talk About It [Bonus Track]
Release Date:
Genre:R&B, Quiet Storm, Neo Soul
Explicit Lyrics:Yes
Review :
Fans have been waiting four long years to replace this smooth tenor's {\ballad}-filled, pillow-talk debut from their bedroom nightstands. Not so fast; {^Let's Talk About It} is a very different record from 2000's {^Emotional}. It's more upbeat, slicker, and riskier. There are really two albums going on here: a moderate one that overcomes some workmanlike production with naughty and clever lyrics, and a meandering one that's warm, personal, and visionary. {&"Rebound"} is aching and cliché-free, {&"Make It Alright"} is inspired and infectious, and the smart and sexy {&"The Baby Maker"} ("I just want to thank you girl for allowing me to be myself in this bedroom tonight") are tracks that give the singer more personality than {^Emotional} ever did. The four "interludes" are unfinished songs that give the album some deepness. {$Malik Yusef}'s cerebral love poem that ends with a {%Fantastic Four} reference makes {&"Know It's Alright"} the best interlude, but the other three also have bits of {$Thomas}' wandering spirit shining through. When he's loose, this is a great album. Too bad there are a couple of commonplace numbers that break up the album's excitement, the worst being {&"A Promise."} Producer {$Stevie J.} miscasts {$Thomas} as {$Luther} at his happiest on the track, but he gives him lifeless background singers and a faceless beat. {$P. Diddy} is at the controls for {&"She Is,"} an average track that's more about {$LL Cool J} than {$Thomas}. {$Diddy} also disrupts the intimate album with some {@Bad Boy Records} announcements and the usual "sounds good/I like it." {$Thomas}' strong voice and sexy slither make these run-of-the-mill moments worth listening to, although the album would have been better off if the singer had total control. But with 16 tracks and only a couple fluff ones, it's easy to whittle this album down to a tight, totally {$Thomas} listen. [A Japanese version added a bonus track.] ~ David Jeffries, All Music Guide
Track Listing :
1 Let's Talk About It (Interlude)
4 She Is Feat. L L Cool J
5 Know It's Alright (Interlude)
7 Baby Maker
9 Promise
10 But Me
11 All You've Given
12 All My Love (Interlude)
15 That's What You Are (Interlude)
16 Work It Out
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