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Aretha Franklin Album - Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings

Aretha Franklin Album - Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings (Front side)
Album Information :
Title: Amazing Grace: The Complete Recordings
Approx. Price:$19.98 (USD)
Release Date:
Type:Audio CD
Customers Rating :
Average (4.7) :(69 votes)
60 votes
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4 votes
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Track Listing :
1 - 1 Organ Introduction (On Our Way)
1 - 2 Opening Remarks
1 - 3 On Our Way
1 - 4 Aretha's Introduction
1 - 5 Wholy Holy
1 - 6 You'll Never Walk Alone
1 - 7 What A Freind We Have In Jesus
1 - 8 Precious Memories
1 - 9 How I Got Over
1 - 10 A. Precious Lord, Take My Hand/B. You've Got A Friend
1 - 11 Climbing Higher Mountains
1 - 12 Amazing Grace
1 - 13 My Sweet Lord (Instrumental)
1 - 14 Give Yourself To Jesus
2 - 1 Organ Introduction (On Our Way)/Opening Remarks
2 - 2 On Our Way
2 - 3 Aretha's Introduction
2 - 4 What A Friend We Have In Jesus
2 - 5 Wholy Holy
2 - 6 Climbing Higher Mountains
2 - 7 God Will Take Care Of You
2 - 8 Old Landmark
2 - 9 Mary, Don't You Weep
2 - 10 Never Grow Old
2 - 11 Remarks By Reverend C.L. Franklin
2 - 12 Precious Memories
2 - 13 My Sweet Lord
Review - Product Description :
Aretha's awe-inspiring (and Grammy-winning) 1972 gospel album ascended to #7 on the pop album charts and featured legendary performances of How I Got Over; You've Got a Friend , and her charting rendition of Wholy Holy . This 2-CD set presents, for the first time, the entire unedited performance-at 27 tracks, it's nearly double the length of the original release!
Review - :
This Rhino re-release of Amazing Grace is at least as much a work of love as of marketing. The sound is beefier and clearer, but most importantly, the two-day church sessions are included. So, there's much more church (specifically, Reverend James Cleveland's marvelous orating) on the record, as well as contemporaryisms such as a cool organ rendition of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord." Originally released as a double LP in 1972, Amazing Grace cracked the Billboard Top 10 on its release, making it one of the best selling gospel records of all time. Grace was recorded in a large Baptist church with an ultraenthusiastic audience in the pews, a full, funky band, and the Southern California Community Choir under the direction of Franklin's mentor, Cleveland. Her voice is melismatic and intensely emotional, yet pure and controlled, as if she is channeling the Holy Ghost. Franklin's father, the brilliant preacher Reverend C.L. Franklin, makes a brief, proud appearance, remarking, "She has never left the church!" Other highlights include the beautiful "Wholy Holy," an 11-minute, heart-stopping "Amazing Grace," and Inez Andrews's stirring "Mary, Don't You Weep." Way more than a return-to-the-roots record, this set is an inspired gospel-soul workout that arguably showcases Franklin's strongest singing ever. --Mike McGonigal
(PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC United States)
43 of 43 people found the following review helpful:

If you think Aretha Franklin's early Atlantic albums were the perfect combination of gospel, soul and rock, and you haven't heard this set, then you need to. It is in my opinion the best record of her career. Recorded live, with a few overdubs, during two nights at a church, she is backed by a great band, and a truly amazing choir. She is joined on occasion by the Reverend James Cleveland ( most notably on an awe-inspiring and spine tingling rendition of Precious Memories ). Amazing Grace was originally two compact discs, but was much shorter, and had most of the sermons taken out. This re-issue is the COMPLETE 2 nights,sermons included, and with all of the original overdubbing removed. If you have listened to both versions as many times as I have , you will spot the few overdubs that were removed. This is Aretha in a voice more primal, more moving, more soulful than at any time in her long recorded career. Everything else pales in comparison. A truly gifted woman at her prime. This is a must have fans of Franklin or fans of Gospel music.

21 of 25 people found the following review helpful:
- Dissapointing...

I brought this cd because i lost my copy of the original amazing grace cd. But when i got amazing grace: the complete recordings, i was very dissapointed, most because my favorite songs on the original recording; Old landmark and climbing higher mountain, have been replaced by different versions, which does not showcase Aretha`s vocal skills as they do on the original recording. Although the packaging and booklet are great, i would much rather reccomend the original cd, at lest if you want to hear Aretha at her very best:)

(Vancouver BC)
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
- Mary don't you weep

Speaking of "weeping" this album never fails to make me do just

that as I'm listening to this beautiful choir,band and of course

Aretha doing what she does best. This album has a wonderful "live" presence to it that makes you feel like you

are "right there". If you are a "Gospel Fan"....doen't hesitate to click on the "purchase" button. You will have something very special.

(Bayside, New York United States)
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
- Mere Words cannot describe this CD

I have listened to this CD numerous times. I never get tired of hearing it. I viewed a clip of Aretha singing Amazing Grace on the night this recording was made. I would love to see the whole recording in its entirety. I wish someone would tell the powers that be that people would love to have Amazing Grace as a part of their video library. This is Gospel. Aretha "sang" that night. I do mean Sang. I realize this was recorded in 1972, who cares. I heard it suppose to have been released as a documentary. I don't understand what the hold up is. this recording is a Jewel. I purchased the album, and I have 2 of the CD's. This recording is definetly Gospel at its best.

Customer review
5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
- Amazing Voice

It is difficult if not impossible to describe Aretha Franklin, and by extension, this recording without revisiting every cliche that has been used: her voice is powerful, piercing, sometimes overwhelming and at others soft and achingly sweet. This version, thankfully, leaves intact the church atmosphere, allowing the listener to experience the same build-up to religious ectasy experienced by the members of the audience. This recording defines modern gospel, not only sound, but amazingly, the passion as well.

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