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Alicia Keys Album - Diary of Alicia Keys [Import Bonus Track]

Alicia Keys Album - Diary of Alicia Keys [Import Bonus Track]
Album Information :
Title: Diary of Alicia Keys [Import Bonus Track]
Release Date:
Genre:R&B, Neo Soul, Lite Office Music
Explicit Lyrics:Yes
Review :
Since {$Alicia Keys}' 2001 debut album, {^Songs in A Minor}, was ever so slightly overpraised, expectations for her second album, 2003's {^The Diary of Alicia Keys}, were ever so slightly too high. {^Songs in A Minor} not only kicked off a wave of ambitious new neo-{\soul} songsters, it fit neatly into the movement of ambitious yet classicist new female {\singer/songwriters} who ranged from the {\worldbeat}-inflected {\pop} of {$Nelly Furtado} to the jazzy {$Norah Jones}, whose success may not have been possible if {$Keys} hadn't laid the groundwork with such soulful work as her hit {&"Fallin'."} Such success at such a young age, even if deserved, can be too much too soon, since young songwriters showered with praise and riches may find it hard to see the world outside of their own cocoon. The very title of {^The Diary of Alicia Keys} -- at once disarmingly simple and self-important -- suggests that {$Keys}, like {$Furtado}, took her stardom a little too seriously and felt compelled to present her world view unfiltered, dispensing with artistic ambiguities and leaving each song as a portrait of {$Alicia Keys}, the woman as a young artist. As she somewhat bafflingly says in her liner notes, "these songs are like my daily entrees," which likely means that these were indeed intended to play like unedited entries in a journal, a goal that she's fulfilled quite successfully, even if it does mean that the album often plays as a diary, leaving listeners in the role of observers instead of seeing themselves in the songs. This was a problem on {$Furtado}'s nearly simultaneously released {^Folklore}, but {$Keys} trumps her peer in one key way -- musically, this is a seamless piece of work, with a sultry slow groove that emphasizes her breathy, seductive voice and lush soulfulness. Tonally, this is ideal late-night {\romantic} music, even when the tempos are kicked up a notch, as on the {\blaxploitation}-fueled {&"Heartburn,"} yet beneath that sensuous surface there is some crafty, complex musicality, particularly in how {$Keys} blurs lines between classic {\soul}, modern rhythms, {\jazz}, {\pop} melodies, and {\singer/songwriter} sensibility. It's an exceptionally well-constructed production, and as a sustained piece of sonic craft; it's not just seductive, it's a good testament to {$Keys}' musical strengths (which can even withstand {$Andre Harris} and {$Vidal Davis}' irritating squeaky voice production signature on {&"So Simple"}). What the album lacks are songs as immediate as {&"Fallin'"} or as compelling as {&"A Woman's Worth,"} and that, combined with her insular outlook, is where {^Diary} comes up short and reveals that it is indeed merely a second album. Such is the problem of arriving with a debut as fully formed as {^Songs in A Minor} at such a young age -- listeners tend to expect more from the sequel, forgetting that this an artist still in her formative stages. So, those expecting another album where {$Keys} sounds wise beyond her years will bound to be disappointed by {^The Diary of Alicia Keys}, since her writing reveals her age in a way it never did on the debut. Yet that is a typical problem with sophomore efforts, and while this is a problem, it's one that is outweighed by her continually impressive musical achievements; they're enough to make {^The Diary} worth repeated listens, and they're enough to suggest that {$Keys} will continue to grow on her third album. [This import version of the album includes bonus material.] ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
Track Listing :
1 Harlem's Nocturne
4 If I Was Your Woman/Walk on By
5 You Don't Know My Name
6 If I Ain't Got You
7 Diary
12 Feeling U, Feeling Me (Interlude)
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